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    January 1995
  • Latest Book:
    August 2003
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    Category Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance
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The Dangerous Men (Intrigue) Series in Order (23 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 HI-306 3
2 HI-309 2.5
3 HI-313 5
4 HI-317 5
5 HI-321 3
6 HI-325 3
7 HI-329 3.5
8 HI-333 4.5
9 HI-337 4.5

10 HI-341 3
11 HI-345 3
12 HI-349 4
13 HI-353 5
14 HI-357 4
15 HI-361 4.5
16 HI-365 4
17 HI-367 4.5
18 HI-369 4
19 HI-373 3.5
20 HI-487 3
21 HI-672 3.5
22 HI-716 4
23 HI-724 3.5

Book Descriptions for series: Dangerous Men (Intrigue)

  • Sheryl Lynn
    Book - 1

    He was dangerously charming... Was he a ladykiller--for real? Policewoman Nadine Shell had been seduced by deejay Ben Jackson's voice on the nocturnal airwaves, but was the man of her late-night fantasies the murderer she was seeking? After all...

  • Leona Karr
    Book - 2

    Sister, Sister Alexa Widmire's sister Mia made the fatal mistake of looking for love in the arms of a man other than her mob boss husband. Now Mia would have to pay the price ... unless Alexa helped her. Alexa agreed to pose as her sister just ...

  • Laura Kenner
    Book - 3

    Familiar stranger He appeared on her doorstep on a moonless, snowy night. He didn't know who he was or how he'd gotten there. Alone in the Rocky Mountains, with not another cabin in sight, Ellen Coster knew it wasn't happenstance that brought the ...

  • Patricia Rosemoor
    Book - 4

    Was he drop-dead gorgeous or drop-dead guilty? When show girl Sasha Brozynski arrived at the chapel for her best friend's wedding, the only one present was a very evasive minister. The bride had disappeared without a trace and the groom-whoever he...

  • M.L. Gamble
    Book - 5

    He had her in his sights... His face haunted her memories. His Australian accent and trim, tanned body taunted her dreams. But when Alec Steele reappeared in the flesh, Molly Jake's life became a living nightmare. He claimed he'd escap...

  • Madeline Harper
    Book - 6

    He was tall, dark and deadly... The minute Dana Baldwin laid eyes on the devastatingly handsome Alex Jourdan, she knew she was in trouble. Though she tried to avoid him--and his sizzling touch-when she was framed for murder and thrown into a backw...

  • Anne Stuart
    Book - 7

    She couldn't remember her own husband... After a car wreck, Molly Winters awakened with amnesia - to terrifying news. She was being released into the custody of Patrick Winters, to whom she was apparently married, and from whom she was obviously e...

  • Vickie York
    Book - 8

    Derek Archer had been called a killer.. . He'd been hunted, stalked and pursued as a fugitive--until he'd vanished altogether. Shortly after the case against Derek Archer was closed, the man managed to escape and create a new identity. Then he set...

  • Aimee Thurlo
    Book - 9

    He was tall, dark and dangerous ... Not exactly the kind of man Amanda Vila was looking for as a father to her daughter. Then again, no other man had ever made her melt with desire - not like Tony Ramos. But Amanda always played by the rules - she...

  • Tina Vasilos
    Book - 10

    He courted her slowly, kiss by kiss... When Leslie Adams was called to an unfamiliar town to settle her late husband's affairs, it became clear he'd led a dual life. People were pleased he was gone - and troubled by her arrival. In a town of stran...

  • Laura Gordon
    Book - 11

    Reunited... Dark and dangerous, bounty hunter Reed McKenna bore little resemblance to the man Tess Elliot once loved. Now, stranded on Grand Canyon Island after cousin's mysterious disappearance, Tess was surrounded by enemies...and Reed appeared ...

  • Kelsey Roberts
    Book - 12

    Sinner or Savior? Jake Devereaux was a lot more than just a sexy, common thief...he was a wealthy one with a questionable M.O. Charisma clung to him - as did an airtight alibi, much to Ellie Tanner's dismay. A murder had been committed, and if Ja...

  • B.J. Daniels
    Book - 13

    A devil in blue jeans... Trouble blew in like tumbleweed -- the same time Delaney's new ranch hand, Cooper McLeod, showed up. His rock-hard, denim-clad body was enough to make her knees go weak. But sin itself danced in the cowboy's indigo...

  • Carly Bishop
    Book - 14

    She was vulnerable... Even the Witness Protection program couldn't hide Eden Kelley. When a dark and dangerous stranger blasted into her hideaway, she was imprisoned as much by the sorcery in his eyes as by the strength of his arms. But who was t...

  • Patricia Rosemoor
    Book - 15

    He was a cowboy to be reckoned with... JoJo Weston tried not to be impressed by the obviously dangerous man standing before her...oozing sensuality. Lucky was a Donatelli - not to be trusted, not to be messed with. Could he possibly even be the on...

  • Suzanne Brockmann
    Book - 16

    Vital Statistics of Rob Carpenter: - early thirties - traveling consultant - no family - likes Chinese takeout and action moves That was all Jess Baxter knew about her newest tenant, Rob Carpenter. That and the fact that he liked her daughter ...

  • Sheryl Lynn
    Book - 17

    She'd changed miraculously... A bullet wound had put Laura Hudson into a coma. Awakening with amnesia, she was told that the police still didn't know who'd shot her or why. Even worse, she was headed toward a slow recovery on a cattle ranch -- wit...

  • Alice Orr
    Book - 18

    Could your whole life change in twenty-four hours? Bennett St. Simon was about to find out... One step in the wrong direction and the poor little rich girl stumbled upon a murder scene -- and into the arms of a man who looked guilty as sin. An...

  • Amanda Stevens
    Book - 19

    Welcome to The Other Side of Paradise When Emily planned on hyping her new B&B by republicizing a fifteen-year-old unsolved murder, she never dreamed the townspeople would react so bitterly. Or that attempts on her life would be part of the deal.....

  • Leona Karr
    Book - 20

    INSTANT FATHER Mark Richards opened the door to his bachelor apartment and there they were - a little boy and girl, and a baby. Looking to 'Uncle Mark' for care and shelter...since his late brother's widow had vanished without a trace. INSTANT ...

  • Leona Karr
    Book - 21

    IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT... She'd washed up on his beach with no name and no clue how she got there -- and Andrew Davis's life would never be the same. The reclusive hero was immediately drawn to the breathtaking stranger, but the fear he saw ...

  • B.J. Daniels
    Book - 22

    A MAN SHE'D NEVER SEEN... His face was concealed by a mask...yet piercing blue eyes inexorably drew Jill Lawson into his arms. What came over her, she'd never know -- but a case of mistaken identity landed her in more than a little hot water, because...

  • Leona Karr
    Book - 23

    ONE DAY THEY WERE STRANGERS AND THE NEXT THEY WERE HUSBAND AND WIFE! After Carolyn Leigh learned that the grandfather she never knew had died and left her a fortune, she discovered that he might actually have been murdered -- and only she could he...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 23 books in the Dangerous Men (Intrigue) series.

The Dangerous Men (Intrigue) series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Semiautomatic Marriage (Book 23), was published in August 2003.

The first book in the Dangerous Men (Intrigue) series, Ladykiller, was published in January 1995.

The Dangerous Men (Intrigue) series primarily falls into the Category Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance genres.