Resistance to Love
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    Previously released story collection
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Romance / R 0 Buy
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    Submission of Innocence Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, with F/F elements, voyeurism, light consensual BDSM, spanking, infidelity] Alexis's bridesmaids are a scandalous combination of fun and crazy, and Alexis realizes they are even wilder than in their college days when her bachelorette party takes a turn into an erotic world where her darkest wishes and deepest desires are awakened. Jackson Craig, a wealthy businessman, frequently indulges his darker pleasures with women who are bought and paid for. But when he's presented with Alexis, he's taken with not only her beauty but also with her illusion of innocence. That night, Alexis submits herself to him in ways she could have never imagined. Back in her own world, she formulates a plan to break free of the powerful hold he now has on her. Will Alexis choose to seek Jackson's dark pleasures once again? And if she does, how will she ever return to a life destined for mediocrity? ** Hard to Resist Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] Elise comes to realize that where men are concerned, she has always been a pushover who, unfortunately, has the scars to prove it. She decides to make some changes that help her become the type of woman who can hold her own with any man. When she meets Adam Roberts, he's devastatingly good-looking, but he's also her boss. Elise finds him to be the perfect challenge and test for the woman she has become. However, nothing is ever as easy as it seems, and when office politics become a factor, she begins to understand just how much she has to lose, including her heart. ** A Siren Erotic Romance