A Regency Christmas 1994
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 3 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 2.5 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 4.5 Buy
(ss) Traditional Regency / RG 3 Buy
  • Description:
    THE CHRISTMAS BALL by Leslie Lynn
    Lord Andrew Finchley was determined to find the ravishing beauty who stole his heart at the masked Christmas Ball -- never suspecting that she was right under his nose....

    LOVE a LA CARTE by Joan Smith
    The scathing reviews by the notorious food critic, Monsieur Bongout, had all but ruined Cybele Leigh's dining establishment. Now she decided it was high time she turned the tables!

    GREETINGS OF THE SEASON by Barbara Metzger
    When his secretary confused some cards and gifts, the Earl of Montravan found his Christmas goose cooked -- with his fianc?e, his mistress, and his mother! Only Petra found the whole incident quite amusing....

    HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Jennie Gallant
    Elizabeth loathed the thought of marrying Baron Rathbone, whose blackmail and skullduggery forced her into such a fate. Then Lord Wyckholme came to the rescue, with a much more desirable scheme....