Realm Hunter - Omnibus 1
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    Previously released story collection
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Science Fiction / SF 0 Buy
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    The two halves of the well-received first Realm Hunter story arc (Pursuit of the Silver Dirk and Trail of the Elder Gods) are brought together in a single volume. Bear Waters, a simple bounty hunter from the magic-laden city of Northport, discovers the existence of parallel worlds as he pursues the Silver Dirk, a mad cultist bent on bringing the Elder Gods back to not only his world, but also at least four others. All in one volume, this volume includes the modern police procedural investigations of World One, the magical adventures of World Two, the two-fisted pulp action of World Three, the prehistoric adventures of World Four, and the mysterious World Zero, as well as the Lovecraft-inspired horrors that Bear and his friends must battle. Throughout his travels, Bear gathers an ever-growing collection of new friends and allies, and battles a more varied collection of enemies than he'd ever imagined.