Bridal Showers
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
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    The heavens opened, the rain poured down, but three couples coaxed wedding flowers from April showers!

    Authors Jule McBride, Ruth Jean Dale and Kate Hoffmann have teamed up for a madcap trip to the altar with three earnest brides who can't seem to get hitched without a hitch!

    Jack and Jill were on their way to wedded bliss. Then the groom's reaction to the bride's announcement that she was in the family way threw the planned nuptials into turmoil. Jill's feet inside those lovely beaded slippers were turning awfully cold, and Jack was going to have to be pretty nimble to win his intended back in just seven short hours!

    RAINING VIOLETS by Ruth Jean Dale
    The way Carrie Duncan saw it, she had two choices. She could either marry Hank Brady as planned or kill him. Unfortunately for him, cool logic prevailed, and she did neither. But now, four months later, thrown together with Carrie as attendants at Hank's sister's wedding, Hank was learning the hard way that forgiving and forgetting was not in his ex-fiancée's vocabulary.

    SHE'S THE ONE! by Kate Hoffmann
    Chase Donnelly had absolutely no intention of heeding his grandmother's prediction about the woman he'd marry. Though it was pretty strange that he encountered Natalie Hillyard the very next day. She fit the description to a T... but she was engaged to someone else. That did it! For Chase, the challenge of conquest was always irresistible!

    Walk down the aisle this spring with BRIDAL SHOWERS.