A Bride's Passion
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Historical Romance / HR 5 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
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    Three thrilling tales of love and romance by three beloved historical romance authors

    CHARADE OF LOVE by Dana Ransom
    She'd show him a thing or two! Cherice Parnell suspected that handsome Civil War hero Ruben Amory was leading her to the altar for all the wrong reasons. But the more outrageously she behaved, the more her new husband craved her caresses. Could it be that Ruben truly loved her and that her charade was paving the way for a lifetime of ecstasy?

    THE "RIGHT" BRIDE by Sylvie Sommerfield
    What does a poor relation do when her heart turns a somersault over her wealthy cousin's prospective bridegroom? Carrie Mackentire swore she'd never wittingly tempt handsome Jason Lebrandy -- it just wouldn't be right -- but with a silvery June moon shining over the romantic James River, he just might be tempted to hiss her first!

    RANSOM MY HEART by Linda Windsor
    Lady Jocelyn's betrothed had been held captive in the Holy Land for ten long years, and only by allowing herself to be kidnapped would she finally be able to join him. But the handsome rogue who spirited her away had no intention of reuniting her with her intended, for he meant to awaken her to a love that could change her life forever!