Big Spankable Asses
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    Original story collection
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(ss) General Fiction / GF 4.5 Buy
(ss) General Fiction / GF 4 Buy
(ss) General Fiction / GF 4 Buy
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    When three Chicago girlfriends find they aren't getting any, they get serious. They want men who know their way around a woman's body-and how to provide the ultimate in stimulating pleasure. . . it's over the knee and over the top . . . Fienin' Angie Daniels Nightclub owner Simone Thomas has given up on love. She wants S-E-X only, and with a man who can fulfill her every fantasy. Architect Shaun Dutton can't wait to fly her to Florida, where he can strip off her clothes-and uncover the steamy secret fantasies even Simone has never admitted to . . . Just Lay Down Kimberly Kaye Terry After she left her husband, Lilliana Michaels never expected to want a man again. But rock-hard Josh Ellis is far too fine to pass up. He's got plenty to teach her about pleasure-and he's so good with his hands that Lilly wants them all over her . . . Caught Lisa G. Riley Melinda Carlisle is shocked when gorgeous Dr. Nick Pantino answers her personal ad. Dating a co-worker is a bad idea, especially when what she wants involves getting naked. But Nick's deliciously sexy suggestions change her mind-and his passionate attention to her curves makes her hot all over . . . Lisa G. Riley's work has been called "character and issue driven; exciting, passionate, and thought provoking" The author of three novels and three novellas, Riley resides in Chicago where she is hard at work on her next project. Her next novella, "Fit to be Tied" will be out from Kensington in November 2007 in the Bound to Ecstasy anthology.