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Lisa Gardner
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    30 Books (6 Series)
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    December 1997
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    March 2024
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About the Author

Lisa Gardner is the daughter of accountants and, by her own account, was raised with a normal suburban childhood. She was always an avid reader and, at the age of 18, decided to write a romance novel. Three years, and many rewrites later, the book sold to Harlequin Silhouette Intimate Moments. She went on to become a management consultant, a job she despised. During this time she wrote a thirteen more romance novels, one of which was made in the television movie “At the Midnight Hour”. At this point, Gardner needed a break so she wrote a suspense novel. The book was purchased by Bantam and launched with a great deal of publicity. These days, Gardner makes her living as a writer.

Gardner lives in New Hampshire with her husband, daughter, two Shelties and a three-legged cat.

Full Series List in Order

Bobby Dodge

1 - Alone (Jan-2005)
2 - Hide (Feb-2007)
3 - Love You More (Mar-2011)

A Detective D.D. Warren Novel

1 - Alone (Jan-2005)
2 - Hide (Feb-2007)
3 - The Neighbor (Jun-2009)
4 - Live to Tell (Jul-2010)
5 - Love You More (Mar-2011)
5.5 - The 7th Month: A Novella (Jan-2012)
6 - Catch Me (Feb-2012)
7 - Fear Nothing (Jan-2014)
7.5 - 3 Truths and a Lie: A Novella (Jan-2016)
8 - Find Her (Feb-2016)
8.5 - The 4th Man: A Novella (Dec-2016)
9 - Look for Me (Feb-2018)
9.5 - The Guy Who Died Twice: A Novella (Jan-2019)
10 - Never Tell (Feb-2019)
11 - When You See Me (Jan-2020)

FBI Profiler (Quincy and Rainie)

1 - The Perfect Husband (Dec-1997)
2 - The Third Victim (Feb-2001)
3 - The Next Accident (Aug-2001)
4 - The Killing Hour (Jul-2003)
5 - Gone (Jan-2006)
6 - Say Goodbye (Jul-2008)
6.5 - The 4th Man: A Novella (Dec-2016)
7 - Right Behind You (Feb-2017)
8 - When You See Me (Jan-2020)

Frankie Elkin

1 - Before She Disappeared (Jan-2021)
2 - One Step Too Far (Jan-2022)
3 - Still See You Everywhere (Mar-2024)

Related Books

1 - Say Goodbye (Jul-2008)
2 - The Neighbor (Jun-2009)

Tessa Leoni

1 - Love You More (Mar-2011)
2 - Touch & Go (Feb-2013)
3 - Crash & Burn (Feb-2015)

Book List in Order: 30 titles

  • Jim Beckett was everything she'd ever dreamed of....But two years after Tess married the decorated cop and bore his child, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering ten women. Even locked up in a maximum security prison, he vowed he would...

  • WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW CAN KILL YOU In Texas a serial killer is executed, taking to his grave the identity of his only child. In Boston a nine-year-old girl is abandoned in a hospital, then adopted by a wealthy young couple. Twenty years later,...

  • SMALL TOWN SECRETS... An unspeakable act has ripped apart the idyllic town of Bakersville, Oregon, and its once-peaceful residents are demanding quick justice. But though a boy has confessed to the horrific crime, evidence shows he may not be guilty...

  • What do you do when a killer targets the people you love the most? When he knows how to make them vulnerable? When he knows the same about you? These are the questions that haunt FBI Special Agent Pierce Quincy. The police say his daughter's death ...

  • THE SURVIVORS CLUB ...that's what Jillian Hayes, Carol Rosen, and Meg Pesaturo call it. They won't consider themselves victims. They are survivors. They helped lead the investigation that caught the man who changed their lives forever. Now they ar...

  • DEATH ALWAYS STRIKES ON TIME.... Each time he strikes, he takes two victims. He waits for the first victim to be discovered -- a body containing all the clues investigators need to find the second victim, who counts the seconds . . . to a slow but c...

  • WHEN DEALING WITH THE RICH... On the banks of the scenic Truxton River, nestled in rolling woodlands just minutes away from our nation's capital, lies Gryphon Gate, a premier gated community. But tempers flare and tension grows when someone decides ...

  • WHO CAN YOU TURN TO WHEN YOU'RE AT YOUR MOST VULNERABLE? State Trooper Bobby Dodge watches a tense hostage standoff through the scope of his sniper rifle. Dodge has only one second to react, or a woman and her child may die. WHERE CAN YOU HIDE W...

  • When someone you love vanishes without a trace, how far would you go to get them back? For ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, it's the beginning of his worst nightmare: a car abandoned on a desolate stretch of Oregon highway, engine running, purse on t...

  • There's no use locking the doors... It was the case that nearly killed him. Now a gruesome discovery in an underground chamber is about to resurrect his worst nightmare. And Massachusetts State Police detective Bobby Dodge has only one lead: a young...

  • Come into my parlor . . . For FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy it starts with a pregnant hooker. The story Delilah Rose tells Kimberly is too horrifying to be true. But prostitutes are disappearing, leaving behind no bodies and no explanations -- ...

  • A young mother, blond and pretty, vanishes from her South Boston home, leaving behind only one witness -- her four-year-old daughter -- and one suspect -- her handsome, secretive husband. From the moment Detective Sergeant D. D. Warren arrives at th...

  • On a warm summer night, in a working-class neighborhood, four family members are brutally murdered. The father -- and possible suspect -- clings to life in the ICU. Murder-suicide? Or something worse? Veteran police detective D. D. Warren is certain ...

  • WHO DO YOU LOVE? One question, a split-second decision, and Brian Darby lies dead on the kitchen floor. His wife, state police trooper Tessa Leoni, claims to have shot him in self-defense, and bears the bruises to back up her tale. For veteran dete...

  • In Lisa Gardner's first-ever short story following thirteen bestselling novels, The 7th Month takes listeners between the books and into a day in the life of Boston Detective D. D. Warren. In her seventh month of pregnancy, D.D. should be taking it e...

  • Charlene Grant believes she is going to die. For the past few years, her childhood friends have been murdered one by one. Same day. Same time. Now she's the last of her friends alive, and she's counting down the final four days of her life until Janu...

  • How do you vanish a family? Ten minutes after walking into the elite Back Bay town house, investigator Tessa Leoni already doesn't like what she sees. Signs of an abduction. Clearly the work of professionals. At best, the entire family has been ki...

  • In #1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner’s latest pulse-pounding thriller, Detective D. D. Warren must face a new fear as a serial killer terrorizes Boston. My name is Dr. Adeline Glen. Due to a genetic condition, I can’t feel pain. I neve...

  • The #1 "New York Times" bestselling author's latest stand-alone thriller, with a cameo by her fan-favorite character, Boston Detective D.D. Warren "My name is Nicky Frank. Except, most likely, it isn't." Nicole Frank shouldn't have been able ...

  • Boston Detective D.D. Warren faces her most brutal adversaries yet -- a class of jaded thriller writers -- in this short story from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner.Detective D.D. Warren takes on her most intimidating assignment...

  • FLORA DANE IS A VICTIM. Seven years ago, carefree college student Flora was kidnapped while on spring break. For 472 days, Flora learned just how much one person can endure. FLORA DANE IS A SURVIVOR. Miraculously alive after her ordeal, Flo...

  • FBI Profiler Pierce Quincy and Officer Rainie Conner return in a baffling cold case in this short story from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner.A young woman is found strangled in the stairwell of a college library, only her sneak...

  • Is he a hero? Eight years ago, Sharlah May Nash's older brother beat their drunken father to death with a baseball bat in order to save both of their lives.Now thirteen years old, Sharlah has finally moved on. About to be adopted by retired FBI pro...

  • In #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner's latest twisty thrill ride, Detective D. D. Warren and Find Her's Flora Dane return in a race against the clock to either save a young girl's life...or bring her to justice. The home of a famil...

  • Detective D.D. Warren confronts her strangest case yet in this exclusive eBook short story by the internationally bestselling author. D.D. Warren was pretty sure she'd seen it all. Then a man walks into police headquarters, attempting desperat...

  • #1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner returns with an unpredictable thriller that puts fan favorites D. D. Warren and Flora Dane on a shocking new case that begins with a vicious murder and gets darker from there. A man is dead, shot three tim...

  • #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner unites three of her most beloved characters -- Detective D. D. Warren, Flora Dane, and Kimberly Quincy -- in a twisty new thriller, as they investigate a mysterious murder from the past...which points...

  • From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner, a propulsive thriller featuring an ordinary woman who will stop at nothing to find the missing people that the rest of the world has forgotten Frankie Elkin is an average middle-aged woman, a...

  • From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner, a thrilling new novel that sends Frankie Elkin into the woods in search of a lost man--and the shocking truth about why he went missing in the first place. Frankie Elkin, who readers first me...

  • From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner comes a harrowing new thriller: Frankie Elkin is an expert at finding the missing persons that the rest of the world has forgotten, but even she couldn’t have anticipated this latest request --...

Award-Winning Books by Lisa Gardner

Love You More
2011 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Suspense Novel
The Other Daughter
1999 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Romantic Suspense
The Perfect Husband
1998 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Suspense Novel
The Survivors Club
2002 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Suspense Novel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lisa Gardner has published 30 books.

Lisa Gardner does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Still See You Everywhere, was published in March 2024.

The first book by Lisa Gardner, The Perfect Husband, was published in December 1997.

Yes. Lisa Gardner has 6 series.