Book List in Order: 70 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Amazon Adventure

1) Lethal Deception (Feb-2008)
2) River of Secrets (Aug-2008)
3) Holiday Illusion (Nov-2008)

Blue Justice

1) Oath of Honor (Jan-2018)
2) Called to Protect (Aug-2018)
3) Code of Valor (Jan-2019)
4) Vow of Justice (Aug-2019)

Danger Never Sleeps

1) Collateral Damage (Jan-2020)
2) Acceptable Risk (Aug-2020)
3) Active Defense (Jan-2021)
4) Hostile Intent (Aug-2021)

Deadly Reunions

1) When the Smoke Clears (Feb-2012)
2) When a Heart Stops (Oct-2012)
3) When a Secret Kills (May-2013)
3.5) Retribution (Apr-2015)

Elite Guardians

1) Always Watching (Feb-2016)
2) Without Warning (Aug-2016)
3) Moving Target (Feb-2017)
4) Her Secret Agent (Jul-2017)
5) Chasing Secrets (Aug-2017)
6) Driving Force (Mar-2022)
7) Impending Strike (Jul-2022)
8) Defending Honor (Oct-2022)

Extreme Measures

1) Life Flight (Jan-2022)
2) Crossfire (Aug-2022)

Family Reunions

1) Missing (Jan-2011)
2) Hide and Seek (Aug-2013)
3) Christmas Cover-Up (Dec-2013)
4) Her Stolen Past (Aug-2014)

Hidden Identity

1) No One to Trust (Jan-2014)
2) Nowhere to Turn (Sep-2014)
3) No Place to Hide (May-2015)

High Stakes

1) A Silent Terror (Mar-2009)
2) A Silent Fury (Sep-2009)
3) A Silent Pursuit (Nov-2009)

Rose Mountain Refuge

1) Agent Undercover (Aug-2011)
2) Holiday Hideout (Dec-2011)
3) Danger on the Mountain (Oct-2012)

Women of Justice

1) Too Close to Home (Apr-2010)
2) Don't Look Back (Oct-2010)
3) A Killer Among Us (May-2011)
3.5) Gone in a Flash (Jun-2012)

Wrangler's Corner

1) The Lawman Returns (Oct-2014)
2) Rodeo Rescuer (Sep-2015)
3) Protecting Her Daughter (Mar-2016)
4) Classified Christmas Mission (Dec-2016)
5) Christmas Ranch Rescue (Dec-2017)
6) Vanished in the Night (Jun-2018)
7) Holiday Amnesia (Dec-2018)

Multi-Author Series List

Capitol K-9 Unit

3) Trail of Evidence (May-2015)

Classified K-9 Unit

5) Bounty Hunter (Jul-2017)

Fitzgerald Bay

The Black Sheep's Redemption (May-2012)

K-9 Search and Rescue

5) Following the Trail (Feb-2022)

Military K-9 Unit

6) Explosive Force (Sep-2018)

Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit

8) Rescue Mission (Nov-2022)

Rookie K-9 Unit

4) Honor and Defend (Jul-2016)

Texas Ranger Justice

Threat of Exposure (May-2011)

True Blue K-9 Unit

1) Justice Mission (Apr-2019)

Award-Winning Books by Lynette Eason

Always Watching
2017 Carol Award -- Romantic Suspense
No Place to Hide
2016 Carol Award -- Romantic Suspense
When a Heart Stops
2013 Carol Award -- Romantic Suspense