Series List in Order

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating
HAR-513 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
HAR-542 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4.5 Buy
HAR-558 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4.5 Buy
HAR-572 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
HAR-574 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
HAR-578 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4.5 Buy
HAR-582 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
HAR-585 Paranormal Romance / PNR 3 Buy
HAR-589 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy

HAR-604 Science Fiction / SF 3.5 Buy
HAR-627 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
HAR-632 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Heartbeat

  • Anne Stuart

    BAD BOYS WEREN'T MEANT TO BE ANGELS... ...until Gabriel Falconi returned to earth! With just one last chance to redeem his immortal soul, the man suddenly felt truly alive. He could really taste mulled cider, feel snow melting on his skin, ap...

  • Tracy Hughes

    Once upon a time, there was a love so strong, so pure and true, that it transcended time and space...and mortality. That was the love Jason Hill felt for his wife, Sabrina. Not even his death could force Jason to forsake his marriage vows. Wh...

  • Rebecca Flanders

    Her future landed in her lap! The sexy stranger who tumbled from her apple tree into Houston Malloy's lap was surely heaven sent. The man had a mouth-watering smile and bedroom eyes -- but then she noticed his strange skintight silver suit... ...

  • Karen Toller Whittenburg

    Heaven Sent... What Sam Oliver needed was a nanny to help with his five-year-old daughter. What he didn't expect was one to step out of his trash can and into his arms...naked! And claiming to be an angel from the Guardian Angel nanny service, no...

  • Cassie Miles

    SHE'D JUST SOLD A DAY IN HER LIFE FOR A MILLION DOLLARS... When a stranger made an unusual request -- to buy a past day of Kathleen Welles's life -- she immediately took the offer. She sold that wicked Wednesday, a year ago, when she'd behaved li...

  • Tracy Hughes

    Once upon a time, there way love so strong, so pure and true that it transcended time and space ... and eternity. But some people aren't ready for heaven. Danny Johnson's near-death experience really shook him up ...and so did Callie Moran. Sti...

  • Margaret St. George

    She wanted one taste of passion... Trevor d'Laine's sexy voice seduced her every night with his late-night radio talk show. So Kay Erickson couldn't pass up the chance to be his personal assistant-despite his insistence that he was a vampire. ...

  • Charlotte Maclay

    She stood before him barely dressed In veils and silks, she was almost more than desperate cowboy Parker Dunlap could bear. He needed a nanny for the two children he had just become father to--not a woman who put him in mind of a harem and Arabian...

  • Mary Anne Wilson

    At first they were dreams -- strangely erotic... Ever since Daniel Hart's near-fatal motorcycle accident, he hadn't been able to get off his mind. Dr. Sara Carr's sweet voice had been his only lifeline as he'd lain in a coma...and the sight of her...

  • Kim Hansen

    HE CAN'T GO For all Derek Carpenter knew, the woman stows away in the back seat of his car came from outer space. She was...unique. She spoke funny and couldn't make toast, but she looked great in her slinky black jumpsuit! SHE CAN'T STAY Of...

  • Linda Randall Wisdom

    Whose life is this anyway? Alice Walker spent long hours on her feet in a doilied pink waitress uniform. Brianne Sinclair danced the night away in strapless gowns and priceless jewels. So how could they be the same woman? Allie dreamed of grandeu...

  • Pamela Browning

    I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY... Maybe it was the hormones of early pregnancy doing a number on her, but one minute Maggie Macintyre was paddling her canoe downriver and the next a half-naked man seemed to fall from the sky, toppling her into the chur...


Falling Angel
1994 Rita Award -- Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal
Love Bites
1995 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Series Romance Book of the Year