Penny Jordan

Penelope "Penny" Jones was born on 24 November 1946 in Preston, Lancashire, England. She left grammar school in Rochdale with O-Levels in English Language, English Literature and Geography. She spent fourteen years working as a shorthand typist in Manchester. She began her writing career in 1979 as Caroline Courtney, writing regency romances. She also used the nom de plume of Melinda Wright for three air-hostess romps and Lydia Hitchcock, for two thrillers. Since 1981, she signs contemporary romances as Penny Jordan, and since 2003, she signs historical novels as Annie Groves, her mother's maiden-name.

Penny was one of the most prolific writers with more than 200 novels and 70 million copies of her books translated into many languages. Widow of Steve Halsall, an accountant, she lived in Nantwich, Cheshire with her dog, Sheba, and her cat, Posh. Sadly, she died of cancer on December 31, 2011 at a hospital in Cheshire.

Book List in Order: 196 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Arabian Nights

1) The Sheikh's Virgin Bride (Jun-2003)
2) One Night With The Sheikh (Jul-2003)
3) Possessed by the Sheikh (Apr-2005)
4) Prince of The Desert (Jul-2006)
5) Taken by the Sheikh (Feb-2007)
6) The Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress (Jul-2008)

The Big Event

1) Marriage Without Love (Feb-1982)
2) Long Cold Winter / His Blackmail Marriage Bargain (Mar-1982)
3) An Unbroken Marriage (Dec-1982)
4) The Flawed Marriage (Apr-1983)
5) Phantom Marriage (May-1983)
6) Rescue Operation / The Tycoon's Forbidden Temptation (Jun-1983)
7) A Sudden Engagement (Aug-1983)
8) The Inward Storm / Reclaimed by the Ruthless Tycoon (Aug-1984)
9) Shadow Marriage (Jul-1984)
10) The Only One (May-1985)
11) The Six-Month Marriage (Aug-1985)
12) Taken Over (Sep-1985)
13) Desire Never Changes / The Convenient Lorimer Wife (Jan-1987)
14) Research Into Marriage / The Garnett Marriage Pact (Jul-1987)
15) A Rekindled Passion (Dec-1990)
16) Second-Best Husband (May-1993)
17) French Leave/Vacation with a Commanding Stranger (Feb-1994)
18) Unwanted Wedding (Jul-1996)
19) Marriage Make Up (Oct-1998)
20) Wanting His Child (Feb-1999)
21) The Marriage Demand (Nov-2001)
22) A Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure (Dec-2009)
23) The Boss's Marriage Arrangement (Jan-2009)
24) Dutiful Wife (Nov-2010)
25) Passion and the Prince (Jan-2012)

Bride's Bouquet

1) Woman to Wed? (May-1997)
2) Best Man to Wed? (Jun-1997)
3) Too Wise to Wed? (Jul-1997)

Classic Penny

1) The Hidden Years (Jan-1990)
2) Silver (Oct-1990)
3) For Better for Worse (Dec-1994)
4) Cruel Legacy (Feb-1996)
5) Now or Never (Dec-2003)
6) A Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure (Dec-2009)
7) Her Christmas Fantasy (Dec-2009)
8) Figgy Pudding (Dec-1998)
9) Christmas Eve Wedding (Dec-2002)
10) Mission: Make-Over (Feb-2001)
10) Mission (Dec-2009)
11) Sinful Nights (Jan-2013)

Fantasy in the Night

1) Fantasy for Two (Jul-1998)
2) One Night in His Arms (Jan-1999)

Jet Set Wives

1) Bedding His Virgin Mistress (Aug-2005)
2) Expecting The Playboy's Heir (Oct-2005)
3) Blackmailing the Society Bride (Dec-2005)

Leopardi Brothers

1) Captive at the Sicilian Billionaire's Command (Apr-2009)
2) The Sicilian Boss's Mistress (May-2009)
3) The Sicilian's Baby Bargain (Jun-2009)

Lessons Learned

1) Falcon's Prey (Dec-1981)
2) Tiger Man / Craving Her Boss's Touch (Jan-1982)
3) Escape from Desire (Feb-1983)
4) Desire's Captive (Jul-1983)
5) Savage Atonement (Dec-1983)
6) Man-Hater (Jan-1984)
7) Forgotten Passion (Feb-1984)
8) Response / The Innocent Stefanides Bride (Oct-1984)
9) Rules of the Game (Jan-1985)
10) Campaign for Loving (Feb-1985)
11) The Friendship Barrier (Jun-1985)
12) Permission to Love (Mar-1986)
13) The Hard Man / Tempted by the Seductive Stranger (Jul-1986)
14) Injured Innocent (May-1986)
15) Desire for Revenge (May-1987)
16) Passionate Relationship / In Her Enemy's Bed (Aug-1987)
17) Too Short a Blessing / Reawakened by His Touch (Nov-1987)
18) A Savage Adoration / An Innocent's Surrender (Mar-1988)
19) Fight for Love / A Scandalous Inheritance (Jul-1988)
20) Levelling the Score (Oct-1988)
21) For One Night (Jan-1989)
22) An Expert Teacher / Hired by the Playboy (Mar-1989)
23) Force of Feeling / A Passionate Awakening (May-1989)
24) Potential Danger / Her Shock Pregnancy Secret (Aug-1989)
25) Without Trust / A Scandalous Innocent (Sep-1989)

Lessons Learned II

1) Lovers Touch (Nov-1989)
2) Time for Trust (Feb-1991)
3) So Close and No Closer (Apr-1991)
4) Bitter Betrayal (Jun-1991)
5) Unspoken Desire (Oct-1991)
6) A Kind of Madness (May-1992)
7) A Forbidden Loving (Nov-1992)
8) Dangerous Interloper / The Innocent's Secret Temptation (Apr-1993)
9) Mistaken Adversary (Feb-1994)
10) Past Passion (Jun-1994)
11) Lesson to Learn (Aug-1994)
12) A Matter of Trust (Feb-1995)
13) Tug of Love (Apr-1995)
14) Past Loving (Aug-1995)
15) An Unforgettable Man (Apr-1996)
16) The Trusting Game (Oct-1996)
17) Back in the Marriage Bed (Sep-2000)
18) One Intimate Night (Dec-2000)
19) Mission: Make-Over (Feb-2001)
20) My Secret Wish List (Jan-2003)
21) A Secret Disgrace (Jun-2012)

Needed: The World's Most Eligible Billionaires

1) The Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife (Jul-2010)
2) The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress (Aug-2010)
3) Marriage: To Claim His Twins (Sep-2010)

Parenti Dynasty

1) The Reluctant Surrender (Jan-2011)
2) Giselle's Choice (Feb-2011)

Passion for Business

1) You Owe Me / The Tycoon She Shouldn't Crave (Nov-1985)
2) Exorcism / Propositioned in Paradise (Jan-1986)
3) Return Match / Second Chance with the Millionaire (Aug-1986)
4) Fire With Fire / Blackmailed by the Vengeful Tycoon (Sep-1986)
5) A Man Possessed / Return of the Forbidden Tycoon (Mar-1987)
6) Special Treatment / Seduced by the Powerful Boss (Mar-1988)
7) Substitute Lover / The Seduction Charade (Sep-1988)
8) Equal Opportunities / Bound Together by a Baby (May-1990)
9) Free Spirit / Forbidden Kisses with the Boss (Sep-1990)
10) Payment in Love (Nov-1990)
11) Lingering Shadows / Ruthless Passion (Apr-1992)
12) Payment Due (Sep-1992)

Perfect Crightons

1) A Perfect Family (Feb-1998)
2) The Perfect Seduction (Mar-1998)
3) Perfect Marriage Material (Apr-1998)
4) The Perfect Match? (May-1998)
5) The Perfect Lover (May-1999)
6) The Perfect Sinner (Jul-1999)
7) The Perfect Father (Mar-2000)
8) A Perfect Night (May-2000)
9) The Ultimate Surrender (Jul-2001)
10) Coming Home (Oct-2000)
11) Starting Over (Oct-2001)

Russian Rivals

1) The Most Coveted Prize (Nov-2011)
2) The Power of Vasilii (Dec-2011)

Silk Trilogy

1) Silk (Jun-2008)
2) Sins (Jun-2009)
3) Scandals (May-2010)

Sweet Revenge/Seduction

1) The Mistress Assignment (Nov-1999)
2) Lover by Deception (Dec-1999)
3) A Treacherous Seduction (Jan-2000)
4) The Marriage Resolution (Jan-2000)

Multi-Author Series List

2000 Launch

A Treacherous Seduction (Jan-2000)


Back in the Marriage Bed (Sep-2000)

The Big Event

6) Marriage Make Up (Oct-1998)

By Royal Command

The Blackmail Marriage (Feb-2004)
The Italian Duke's Wife (Apr-2006)

Dangerous Liaisons

4) An Unforgettable Man (Apr-1996)

Desert Brides

4) Prince of The Desert (Jul-2006)

Dinner At 8

The Christmas Bride (Dec-2006)

Do Not Disturb!

5) The Tycoon's Virgin (Jul-2002)

Foreign Affairs

8) Mistress of Convenience (Aug-2004)

Greek Tycoons

7) The Demetrios Virgin (Apr-2001)
21) The Mistress Purchase (Apr-2004)

Mistress To A Millionaire

29) Virgin For The Billionaire's Taking (Sep-2008)

Red-Hot Revenge

4) The Marriage Demand (Nov-2001)

The Royal House of Niroli

1) The Future King's Pregnant Mistress (Jul-2007)
8) A Royal Bride at the Sheikh's Command (Feb-2008)

Santina Crown

1) The Price of Royal Duty (May-2012)


Master of Pleasure (Oct-2006)


10) The Blackmail Baby (May-2002)
16) Marco's Convenient Wife (Apr-2003)
23) Mistress To Her Husband (Oct-2004)