Louise F. was born on 1941 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She began to write short stories in high school and continued to write in college. She married with a philosophy student, and they moved to Ohio, where she obtained a Masters degree and taught freshman English and her husband became a Philosophy Professor. The marriage had two sons, and she began to write in earnest, those first efforts remain unsold.

The family moved to Maryland, where she joined a literary critique group. There she wrote a collaborative effort with other three women, Ruth Glick, Carolyn Males and Eileen Buckholtz. The result was a romance novel, "Love is Elected", was published by Silhouette Books under the pseudonym Alyssa Howard, and they also wrote other novel, Southern Persuasion. But they decided split them into groups of two. She wrote in collaboration with Ruth Glick under the pseudonyms Alexis Hill, Alexis Hill Jordan and Tess Marlowe, and in collaboration with Carolyn Males as Clare Richards and Clare Richmond. She also wrote alone under the pseudonyms of Anne Silverlock and Jane Silverwood, and fantasy and mystery novels under her real name: Louise Titchener. She said: "I'm a story-teller; I'm not a romance writer, mystery writer, or suspense writer per se. I tell all different kinds of stories. I certainly would not recommend it to other writers -- it's not the way to build an audience or a career in today's market."

With their children grown, Louise and her husband decided to move from the Maryland suburbs to inner city Baltimore. Now, they are grandparents. When she isn't writing fiction, she paints, sails, bicycles and figure skates. She particularly enjoys long walks around Baltimore, where she loves to set her mystery books. She is member of the Washington Romance Writers, a chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

Book List in Order:11 titles