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    4 Books (1 Series)
  • First Book:
    June 2012
  • Latest Book:
    April 2016
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Full Series List in Order

Gabriel's World

1 - The Hanged Man (Jun-2012)
2 - Two-Faced Woman (Apr-2016)
3 - The Book of Joel (Nov-2014)
4 - Dead for Now (Apr-2016)

Book List in Order: 4 titles

  • What would you sacrifice to do the right thing? New York City private investigator Gabriel Ross faces this elemental question in The Hanged Man. After seeing Gabriel confront a bigot in a controversial viral video, attorney Raymond Booth wants to hir...

  • If the past doesn't kill you, the present will. This story is a departure from the focus on New York City private investigator Gabriel Ross’s cases -- his boyfriend Joel’s life becomes the case for them. For Joel, his initial success as an artist...

  • It's Time to Get Paranoid Brilliant and provocative New York City private investigator Gabriel Ross has a feeling he's being watched. His paranoia is justified--a rogue faction from the sinister Tertullian Society is stalking him. Psyops master Damon...

  • Who Will Catch You When You're Falling? New York City private investigator Gabriel Ross is undergoing severe psychological trauma from events during the previous summer (The Hanged Man). However, he immerses himself in the cases of two special women....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A.R. Fiano has published 4 books.

A.R. Fiano does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Two-Faced Woman, was published in April 2016.

The first book by A.R. Fiano, The Hanged Man, was published in June 2012.

Yes. A.R. Fiano has 1 series.