Porch Swings and Picket Fences
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Romance / R 4 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 4 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 4 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 4 Buy
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    In the face of constant time pressures and the juggling act of balancing countless tasks, there is nothing more soothing than taking the opportunity to slow down for a few moments, relax with a good story, and come home to romance.

    In Porch Swings and Picket Fences: Four American Love Stories, readers will find not just one, but four delightful tales of love–each written by one of the foremost authors of Christian romance fiction. All four evoke familiar warm feelings, and a sense of getting back to the basics with feel-good stories about characters readers love.

    From Vermont to Iowa, Texas to Washington State, Porch Swings and Picket Fences spins the tales of four couples who find love where they least expect it–right under their noses–and leaves readers with a sense of satisfaction and hope that will bring joy to their hearts.