Patterns of Murder
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    Previously released story collection
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Cozy Mystery / CZ 4 Buy
Cozy Mystery / CZ 4 Buy
Cozy Mystery / CZ 4 Buy
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    Shop owner and part-time sleuth Betsy Devonshire has a knack for unraveling mysteries—and it’s entangled her in more than one knotty situation. Here, for the first time in one volume, are the first three Needlecraft Mysteries.  

    CREWEL WORLD: When Betsy arrives in Excelsior, Minnesota, she winds up settling in—and taking a new job at her sister Margot’s needlework shop. It seems things are finally going her way—until Margot is murdered. In a town this friendly, no one seems like they could have done something so horrible. But Betsy isn’t going to rest until she finds her sister’s killer.  

    FRAMED IN LACE:  The historic Hopkins ferry is raised from the bottom of a lake—and everyone is stunned when a skeleton is found on board. But the evidence is a bit soggy: the boat sank in 1949, the victim was a woman, and an unidentifiable lacelike fabric was found nearby. Still, with a little help from her needlecraft shop patrons, Betsy intends to sew up this mystery.
    A STITCH IN TIME: Minnesota winters may be freezing, but Betsy’s heart is warmed when the best needle-workers in Excelsior volunteer to restore a damaged tapestry found in a church basement. Betsy even donates the materials for the project, hoping the publicity will boost her shop’s sales. But she soon realizes that her good intentions may have uncovered secrets that someone will kill to keep.