Book List in Order: 56 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Love at the Goodtime Cafe

1) A Taste of Paradise (Jun-2005)
2) Familiar Adversaries (Aug-2005)
3) Lights, Action...Family! (Oct-2005)

The Quilt Shop in Kerry Springs

1) Little Cowgirl Needs a Mom (Aug-2011)
2) The Lonesome Rancher (Sep-2011)
3) Tall, Dark, Texas Ranger (Oct-2011)
4) Once a Cowboy... (Mar-2012)

Rocky Mountain Brides

1) Raising The Rancher's Family (Apr-2007)
2) The Sheriff's Pregnant Wife (May-2007)
3) A Mother For The Tycoon's Child (Jun-2007)
4) Single Dad's Holiday Wedding (Dec-2012)
5) Her Rocky Mountain Protector (Feb-2013)

Rocky Mountain Twins

1) Count on a Cowboy (Mar-2016)
2) Second Chance Rancher (Sep-2016)
3) Her Colorado Sheriff (Jan-2017)
4) A Colorado Family (Apr-2017)

Slater Sisters of Montana

1) The Cowboy She Couldn't Forget (Aug-2013)
2) Proposal at the Lazy S Ranch (Nov-2013)
3) The Colton Creek Cowboy (Jul-2015)
4) Picture Perfect Cowboy (Aug-2015)

The Texas Brotherhood

1) Chance's Joy (May-2001)
2) A Child for Cade (Jun-2001)
3) Travis Comes Home (Jul-2001)
4) Jared's Texas Homecoming (Aug-2003)
5) Wyatt's Ready-Made Family (Feb-2004)
6) Dylan's Last Dare (Mar-2004)
7) Luke: The Cowboy Heir (Jan-2009)
8) Brady: The Rebel Rancher (Mar-2009)
9) The No. 1 Sheriff in Texas (May-2010)
10) The Lionhearted Cowboy Returns (Jun-2010)

With These Rings

1) The Secret Millionaire (Jun-1999)
2) Her Surprise Family (Sep-1999)
3) The Man, the Ring, the Wedding (Dec-1999)

Multi-Author Series List

Baby on Board

19) The Cowboy's Baby / Her Baby Wish (Jul-2009)

The Brides of Bella Lucia

2) Coming Home To The Cowboy (Aug-2006)

The Brides of Bella Rosa

The Cowboy's Adopted Daughter (Aug-2010)

Christmas Treats

Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage: Snowbound Cowboy (Nov-2009)

Crown and Glory

The Princess Has Amnesia! (Aug-2002)

The Larkville Legacy

1) The Cowboy Comes Home (Jul-2012)

Logan's Legacy

14) What a Man Needs (Jul-2005)

That's My Baby

Baby, Our Baby! (Feb-1999)

Western Weddings

The Rancher's Doorstep Baby (Jan-2008)
Wedding Bells At Wandering Creek Ranch (Apr-2008)
Texas Ranger Takes A Bride (Sep-2008)

Wranglers & Lace

Wildcat Wedding (Jun-1995)

Award-Winning Books by Patricia Thayer

Nothing Short of a Miracle
1997 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Special Edition