Book List in Order: 24 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Aunt Eugenia's Treasures

1) The Diamond's Sparkle (Dec-1989)
2) Ruby Fire (Feb-1990)
3) The Hidden Pearl (Apr-1990)

Related Books

1) Silent Partner (Apr-1988)
2) Face Value (Jun-1989)

Related Books - 2

1) Baby, It's You (Nov-1991)
2) Father Figure (Nov-1992)

Related Books - 3

1) Child of Dreams (Jul-1993)
2) Sally Jane Got Married (Feb-1994)

Related Books - 4

1) Which Way Is Home? (Jul-1994)
2) A Family Home (Feb-1995)

Related Books - 5

1) Marry Me in Amarillo (Mar-1997)
2) Honeymoon Ranch (Feb-1998)
3) A Father for Her Baby (Apr-1999)

Multi-Author Series List

Montana Mavericks

11) Man With a Past / Between the Sheets (Jun-1995)

Sonny's Girls

Don't Look Back (Aug-1991)

That Special Woman

Sally Jane Got Married (Feb-1994)

That's My Baby

A Father for Her Baby (Apr-1999)