Book List in Order: 50 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Broken Arrow Ranch

1) Fortune Hunter's Hero (Jul-2007)
2) Under His Protection (Jan-2008)
3) A Hero To Count On (Apr-2008)
4) Bounty Hunter's Woman (Jan-2009)

The Lone Star Social Club

1) I'm Having Your Baby?! (Aug-1997)
2) A Marriage-Minded Man? (Jan-1998)
3) The Proposal (Apr-1998)
4) Christmas Lone-Star Style (Dec-1998)

The O'Reilly Brothers

1) His Wanted Woman (Nov-2009)

Related Books

1) An Unsuspecting Heart (Aug-1989)
2) Flirting With Danger (Dec-1989)

Those Marrying McBrides!

1) The Lady's Man (Jun-1999)
2) A Ranching Man (Mar-2000)
3) The Best Man (Jun-2000)
4) Never Been Kissed (Jan-2001)
5) Always a McBride (Jul-2003)

Turning Points

1) Deadly Exposure (Jul-2004)
2) Beneath the Surface (Dec-2004)
3) A Younger Man (Jul-2006)
4) Mission: M.D. (Mar-2007)

The Wild West

1) Gable's Lady (Oct-1993)
2) Cooper (Mar-1994)
3) Flynn (Jun-1994)
4) Kat (Sep-1994)
5) Who's the Boss? (Jul-1995)
6) A Wild West Christmas (Nov-1996)

Multi-Author Series List

American Hero

14) Gable's Lady (Oct-1993)
19) Cooper (Mar-1994)

The Coltons

3) The Virgin Mistress (Jul-2001)
19) Take No Prisoners (Oct-2002)

Fortune's Children

5) The Wolf and the Dove (Nov-1996)
13) The Christmas Child (Dec-1998)


Who's the Boss? (Jul-1995)
The Loner (Nov-1995)

Montana Mavericks

35) Nighthawk's Child (May-2001)
48) Marriage on the Menu (Nov-2002)

Romancing the Crown

The Man Who Would Be King (Jan-2002)


Heaven Can't Wait (May-1995)

A Year of Loving Dangerously

The Enemy's Daughter (Mar-2001)

Award-Winning Books by Linda Turner

Who's the Boss?
1995 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Intimate Moments