Book List in Order: 66 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Big Sky Country

1) Montana Cowboy Daddy (Oct-2016)
2) Montana Cowboy Family (Jan-2017)
3) Montana Cowboy's Baby (Jul-2017)
4) Montana Bride by Christmas (Oct-2017)
5) Montana Groom of Convenience (Jan-2018)
6) Montana Lawman Rescuer (Apr-2018)

Christmas in Eden Valley

1) A Daddy for Christmas (Oct-2015)
2) A Baby for Christmas (Nov-2015)
3) A Home for Christmas (Dec-2015)

Cowboys of Eden Valley

1) The Gift of Family: Merry Christmas, Cowboy (Oct-2012)
2) The Cowboy's Surprise Bride (Jan-2013)
3) The Cowboy's Unexpected Family (Mar-2013)
4) The Cowboy's Convenient Proposal (May-2013)
5) Claiming the Cowboy's Heart (Jan-2014)
6) Winning Over the Wrangler (Mar-2014)
7) Falling for the Rancher Father (May-2014)


1) Dakota Child (Sep-2009)
2) Dakota Cowboy (Jul-2010)
3) Dakota Father (Jan-2011)


1) The Road To Love (May-2008)
2) The Journey Home (Aug-2008)
3) The Path to Her Heart (Jan-2009)

The Great War

2) Maryelle (May-2003)

Montana Cowboys

1) The Cowboy's Ready-Made Family (Mar-2016)
2) The Cowboy's Baby Bond (Apr-2016)
3) The Cowboy's City Girl (May-2016)

Montana Marriages

1) Big Sky Cowboy (Oct-2014)
2) Big Sky Daddy (Dec-2014)
3) Big Sky Homecoming (Feb-2015)

Montana Skies

1) Cry Of My Heart (Jun-2006)
2) Forever in My Heart (Oct-2004)
3) Everlasting Love (Jul-2007)
4) Inheritance of Love (Apr-2017)

The Preacher's Daughters

1) Loving a Rebel (Jan-2019)

Santa Claus, Inc.

Santa S.O.S (Oct-2000)
The Santa Solution (Nov-2000)

Three Brides, Three Cowboys

1) The Cowboy Tutor (Jan-2012)
2) The Cowboy Father (Feb-2012)
3) The Cowboy Comes Home (Mar-2012)

Multi-Author Series List

Alaskan Brides

Klondike Medicine Woman (May-2011)

Journey West

1) Wagon Train Reunion (Apr-2015)

Lone Star Cowboy League

The Rancher's Surprise Triplets (Apr-2017)

Lone Star Cowboy League: Multiple Blessings

The Rancher's Surprise Triplets (Apr-2017)

Orphan Train

The Baby Compromise (Jun-2013)