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    36 Books - 8 Series
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    February 1987
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    February 2013
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Full Series List in Order

Cheyenne Captive

11 - Nevada Dawn (Dec-1993)


1 - Quicksilver Passion (Sep-1990)

The Durango Family

1 - Cheyenne Princess (Sep-1987)
2 - Comanche Cowboy (Sep-1988)
3 - Bandit's Embrace (Mar-1989)

Iron Knife's Family

1 - Cheyenne Captive (Feb-1987)
2 - Cheyenne Caress (Jan-1990)
3 - Cheyenne Splendor (Nov-1994)
4 - Cheyenne Song (Mar-1998)

Panorama of the Old West

1 - Cheyenne Captive (Feb-1987)
2 - Cheyenne Princess (Sep-1987)
3 - Comanche Cowboy (Sep-1988)
4 - Bandit's Embrace (Mar-1989)
5 - Nevada Nights (Jul-1989)
6 - Cheyenne Caress (Jan-1990)
7 - Quicksilver Passion (Sep-1990)
8 - Apache Caress (Oct-1991)
9 - Sioux Slave (Sep-1992)
10 - Half-Breed's Bride (May-1993)
11 - Nevada Dawn (Dec-1993)
12 - Cheyenne Splendor (Nov-1994)
13 - Song of the Warrior (Jun-1995)
14 - Timeless Warrior (Apr-1996)
15 - Warrior's Prize (Feb-1997)
16 - Cheyenne Song (Mar-1998)
17 - Eternal Outlaw (May-1999)
18 - Apache Tears (Jan-2000)
19 - Warrior's Honor (Sep-2000)
20 - Warrior's Heart (Sep-2001)
21 - To Tame a Savage (Jan-2002)
22 - To Tame a Texan (May-2003)
23 - To Tame a Rebel (Mar-2004)
24 - To Tempt a Texan (Jan-2005)
25 - To Tease a Texan (Mar-2006)
26 - To Love a Texan (Jan-2007)
27 - To Wed A Texan (Mar-2008)
28 - To Seduce a Texan (Jan-2009)

Related Books

1 - To Tame a Savage (Jan-2002)
2 - To Tame a Texan (May-2003)
3 - To Tame a Rebel (Mar-2004)
4 - To Tempt a Texan (Jan-2005)
5 - To Tease a Texan (Mar-2006)
6 - To Love a Texan (Jan-2007)
7 - To Wed A Texan (Mar-2008)
8 - To Seduce a Texan (Jan-2009)

The Texans

1 - Diablo (Feb-2010)
2 - Rio (Feb-2011)
3 - Colt (Feb-2012)
4 - Travis (Feb-2013)


1 - Warrior's Honor (Sep-2000)
2 - Warrior's Heart (Sep-2001)

Book List in Order: 36 titles

  • SCANDALOUS THOUGHTS When Headstrong, golden-haired Summer ran away from home, all she could think of was leaving her strict father behind. But after a vengeance-seeking Indian attacked her stage threatening her with a fate worse, than death, the tem...

  • MASTER OF HER BODY When fiery-tempered Cimarron escaped Fandango, Texas, in the pouring rain, all she could think of was how no one would believe she had killed her uncle in self-defense. Then, on a lonely stretch of cattle country, she ran smack in...

  • REDSKINNED SNAKE Feisty, stubborn Cayenne McBride just had to get to her sick daddy's Texas ranch where some lowdown outlaws had holed up. And after she met the big, fearless half-breed Maverick Durango, she knew he'd be the perfect guide. But when ...

  • TOO AROUSED TO RESIST When her scheming, jealous stepmother-to-be forced Amethyst Durango to enter a convent, the headstrong heiress swore she'd experience life to the fullest before being shut away. And when her violet eyes gazed upon the hands...

  • TEXAS TOMBOY When feisty Dallas Durango couldn't bear the stuffy Boston girls' school a minute longer, she fled as far West as her money would take her: to St. Joe, Missouri. There the runaway heiress discovered that women earned mere pennies and, d...

  • VULNERABLE GIRL Even though seventeen-year-old Luci hadn't a friend in the world, the slender, willowy half-breed knew she could handle herself with anyone --- anyone except Johnny Ace. The full-blooded Pawnee scout's heated glance made her shiver w...

  • SHE MEANT WHAT SHE SAID Beautiful Silver Jones had been called every name in tl book. But now that she owned her own tavern in Buckskin Joe, Colorado, she didn't care what the self-righteous citizens thought of her. She never let a man touch her and...

  • SHE WAS HIS CAPTIVE Cholla seethed with fury. The Apache scout had risked his life tracking down renegades for the white man only to find himself chained like an animal on the army prison train. Well, if they wanted a vicious savage, he'd give them ...

  • in Christmas Rendezvous

    The first winter after the land run, Genevieve Malone barely has enough to keep her family going, but when a half-breed drifter seeks shelter on a snowy December night, she welcomes him into her home-- and her heart....

  • Widowed on her wedding day, Kimimila swore vengeance on the blue-coats who had slain her betrothed. So when the village elders placed the fate of their yellow-haired captive in her hands, the beautiful Sioux maiden eagerly accepted the honor. But as ...

  • Born dirt-poor Sassy Malone had only her wits and wiles to get her by in life. So when tragedy struck her soon-to-be-wed employer, the feisty lass seized her chance: Armed with a new identity, she passed herself off as a high-class lady and boarded t...

  • A DANGEROUS RENEGADE...A BEAUTIFUL DEBUTANTE...AND A PASSION THAT KNOWS NO BOUNDS! The notorious outlaw called Nevada didn't ride for gold...he rode for vengeance. But this night he'd found a treasure beyond compare: Her name was Cherish. ...

  • in A Dream Come True

    The Topaz Man personally introduces in "A Dream Come True" his favorite stories of dreams that really do come true. From a woman thrown back to 1844 New Orleans, to a Western dream vacation, to a female passenger and boat captain's romance on the hig...

  • Before the white man came, the vast plains belonged to the Cheyenne. And Boston debutante Summer Van Schuyler belonged to the magnificent half-breed, Iron Knife. She’d come to him as a captive, defying her heritage to stay by his side. But war c...

  • in Secrets of the Heart

    Five short stories follow themes of hidden secrets and revealing love and include the works of popular romance authors Jennifer Blake, Madeline Baker, Georgina Gentry, Shirl Henke, and Patricia Rice. ...

  • Slender, dark-haired Willow had been sent East as a child. Now, she returned to her mother's people, the Nez Perce of the Great Northwest, to teach them the white man's ways. The magnificent full-blooded warrior Bear had been raised to be proud, wild...

  • TIMELESS LEGEND It is a painting with a ghost in it--according to the guidebook in the Pawnee museum. Journalist Blossom Ann Murdock, in Oklahoma to research her family's roots, thought the painting might spark a good article. Now, as shadowy images...

  • A LOVE WORTH FIGHTING FOR... Her Arapaho name is Singing Wind, but no one at the Boston ladies' academy knows of Wannie's Indian ancestry. Pretending to be Spanish royalty, she has concealed her past behind fine clothes and elegant manners. Now sh...

  • Fort Reno, Indian Territory, 1878. Glory Halstead faced her captor with the same pride and courage that had seen her through hardship and bitter scandal and vowed to be strong. She didn't know what Two Arrows intended to do with her. But she knew...

  • "A master of the genre", said "Rendezvous", of this award-winning author. In this novel, Gentry sweeps readers into the turbulent American West with the passionate story of a man and a woman bound by desire--and destined to shatter the bonds of time....

  • A BATTLE OF WILLS Spirited heiress Libbie Winters was horrified to find herself in the midst of an Apache rebellion--and amazed to discover that her captor, a virile half-breed scout named Cougar, was the same man who offered her his prized Apache T...

  • TORN BETWEEN LOVE AND DUTY A warrior who values duty above all else, Talako is honor bound to recapture a runaway brave sentenced to hang for his crimes. But then he confronts the fury and determination of ebony-haired Lusa, his quarry's sister....

  • He Lived With Savage Abandon... A half-breed wanted for murder among his own native Shoshoni, Rider is hard and bitter from the injustice that has sealed his fate. Now, his only goal is survival. But when he sees lovely, vulnerable Emma Trent, a wom...

  • LOVE CHILD Cavalry Captain Austin Shaw knew his aristocratic Boston family would never accept the Sioux beauty who had stolen his heart. Refusing to be a burden to him, the proud Wiwila fled, carrying their unborn child. But their paths would cross ...

  • Bad Boys Aren't Her Style... Schoolteacher Lynnie McBride has only one reason for attending the Valentine ball at the state capital, and it's not romance. The suffragette protest she's planned is sure to get the attention of the governor and the leg...

  • A Union Brave A Rebel soldier killed his brother. Now the fires of revenge burn in the soul of Creek warrior Yellow Jacket as he prepares to join his tribe in battle against his sworn enemies. To keep their plans secret, Yellow Jacket is forced to t...

  • TEMPERANCE When Lacey Van Schuyler Durango and Blackie O'Neal stake their claim for the same piece of Oklahoma land, the battle lines are drawn. On Lacey's side: teetotaling, abstinence, and do-gooding. On Blackie's side: betting, boozing, and beddi...

  • Throw a sassy whiskey slinger together with a down-on-his-luck cowboy and what do you get? A match made in the Last Chance Saloon... SHE'S NO LADY Lark Van Schuyler can take care of herself--and has ever since she ran away from home and woun...

  • in My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

    Those deep-brimmed Stetsons. Those faded jeans. And that's just the beginning. Cowboys are everything a fantasy man should be--tall, tough, and oh so handsome. In this sexy new collection of original stories, meet three men of the American West who k...

  • A WOMAN WITH A WILL Miss Lillian Primm is beyond weary of polishing the manners of Boston's young ladies, so when she inherits half ownership of a "hotel" in Fort Floppett, Texas, she eagerly heads out West--only to discover that The Texas Lily is n...

  • Bonnie O'Neal, the president of the Lone Star Ladies for Decency and Decorum, is determined to do some good in the world, starting with taking down fast-talking and infuriatingly charming prizefight promoter Cash McCally. Original....

  • Easy To Catch... Texan Will "Waco" McCain and his gang are under orders to rob a bank in Prairie View, Kansas, and get the loot back to their home state, pronto. Trouble is the town's crawling with Yankee soldiers so it's on to Plan B: kidnap the b...

  • Meet the Texans -- rough-hewn heroes as bold and rugged as the Lone Star State itself -- in a sweeping new series only Georgina Gentry could bring to heart-pounding, hard-riding life... Diablo They call him "Devil," and with good reason...

  • He's a man who burns as hot and free as a wildfire -- and where love is concerned, he's twice as dangerous... Rio Kelly knows what he wants when he sees it -- and he wants the ebony-haired, fair-skinned beauty with the extraordinary blue eyes, Turqu...

  • Sent to help an overwhelmed cavalry, Lieutenant Colt Prescott is afraid of nothing, cowed by no one, and ready to ride for what he believes... Colt Hannah Brownley is a Texas girl, through and through. Defiant even after being held prisoner for...

  • Accustomed to upholding the law, Texas Ranger Travis Prescott has a duty to protect and serve -- especially when there’s a beautiful woman in need… Travis After Texas Ranger Travis Prescott gets into a deadly confrontation with an outlaw, h...

Award-Winning Books by Georgina Gentry

To Tame a Savage
2002 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Western Historical Romance
To Tame a Texan
2003 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Western Historical Romance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Georgina Gentry has published 36 books.

Georgina Gentry does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Travis, was published in February 2013.

The first book by Georgina Gentry, Cheyenne Captive, was published in February 1987.

Yes. Georgina Gentry has 8 series.