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    9 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    February 2010
  • Latest Book:
    June 2016
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Full Series List in Order

Quantum Enchantment

1 - The Spell of Rosette (Feb-2010)
2 - Arrows of Time (Mar-2010)
3 - Strange Attractors (Mar-2010)

Quantum Encryption

1 - Path of the Stray (Aug-2010)
2 - Road to the Soul (Mar-2011)
3 - Journey by Night (Sep-2011)

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • A stunning end to a powerful trilogy where the universe provides many surprises ... in the past, present and future.

    Set in worlds both technological and fey, scientific and magical, StRANGE AttRACtORS brings to the events begun in tHE SPELL ...

  • A fast-paced story of fantasy and occult adventure, astrology and martial arts ... this trilogy tells past and future stories of characters we met in the Quantum Enchantment trilogy. the magical lands of Gaela are on the brink of war when tryn Bistor...

  • The southern continent 1000 years before the temple wars ... a story of shifting perspectives and awakening hearts ... through darkness, the heart will find a wayA mysterious artefact leads Jarrod back to Gaela's lost southern continent where he disc...

  • Desperation leads Nellion Paree to the forbidden spell ... but she accidentally awakens a power that could destroy the many-worlds forever.Rosette and her familiar Drayco return to Corsanon to face an invasion. They soon join the temple cats and shap...

  • An exciting e-only prequel novella to JOURNEY BY NIGHT. tatsania's Gift is set on a dystopian Earth in the 24th century where there's no clean water, little food and life is a brutal battle against either the armed forces of ASSISt or other people de...

  • Vampires Gone Wild brings together four paranormal romance novellas by Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Arista, and Kim Falconer, authors and bloggers at Supernatural Underground. Kerrelyn Sparks’s demure Pamela and sexy vampire sidekick b...

  • Knock down, kickass nightclub bouncer Ava Sykes takes us deep into a dystopian world and out the other side in this dark and gritty, highaction urban fantasy Some things are better left in the dark . . . Undergraduate by day, bouncer by night, A...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kim Falconer has published 9 books.

Kim Falconer does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Blood In Beginning, was published in June 2016.

The first book by Kim Falconer, The Spell of Rosette, was published in February 2010.

Yes. Kim Falconer has 2 series.