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    84 Books (7 Series)
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    June 1980
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    October 2005
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About the Author

Dixie Burrus was born on September 09, 1930 in North Carolina's Outer Banks, U.S.A, where her family had lived for generations, to sea captain Dozier Burrus and Achsah Williams. Her father was the professional baseball player Maurice Lennon "Dick" Burrus, she has two sisters, Mary and Sarah Burrus.

Dixie is an artist and romance writer. She began writting contemporany romance novels as Zoe Dozier, now she writes her contemporary romances with her married name, Dixie Browning, and historical romances with her sister, Mary Burrus Williams as Brownwyn Williams, one combination of their married names. She has been awarded a Romance Writers of America RITA Award, and been a five-time RITA finalist. She has also won three Maggies, and numerous awards from the National Federation of Press Women and the NC Press Club.

Full Series List in Order

Beckett's Fortune

1 - Beckett's Cinderella (Aug-2002)
2 - Beckett's Convenient Bride (Jan-2003)

Divas Who Dish

1 - Her Passionate Plan B (Jan-2005)
2 - Her Man Upstairs (Feb-2005)
3 - Her Fifth Husband? (Mar-2005)

The Lawless Heirs

1 - Renegade Player (Apr-1982)
2 - Stormwatch (Nov-1984)
3 - The Passionate G-Man (May-1998)
4 - His Business, Her Baby (Nov-1998)
5 - A Knight in Rusty Armor (Feb-1999)
6 - Beckett's Cinderella (Aug-2002)
7 - Beckett's Convenient Bride (Jan-2003)
8 - First Time Home (Oct-2005)

Outer Banks

1 - Keegan's Hunt (Nov-1993)
2 - Lucy and the Stone (May-1994)
3 - Two Hearts, Slightly Used (Nov-1994)

The Passionate Powers

1 - A Bride for Jackson Powers (Feb-2000)
2 - Cinderella's Midnight Kiss (Jun-2000)
3 - The Virgin and the Vengeful Groom (Nov-2000)

Related Books

1 - Renegade Player (Apr-1982)
2 - Stormwatch (Nov-1984)

Tall, Dark and Handsome

1 - Alex and the Angel (Sep-1995)
2 - The Beauty, the Beast and the Baby (Mar-1996)
3 - The Baby Notion (Jul-1996)
4 - Stryker's Wife (Nov-1996)

Multi-Author Series List

Body & Soul

The Virgin and the Vengeful Groom (Nov-2000)

Daddy Knows Last

The Baby Notion (Jul-1996)


2 - Two Hearts, Slightly Used (Nov-1994)

Lone Star Country Club

The Quiet Seduction (Nov-2002)
Christmas Eve Reunion (Nov-2003)

Man of the Month

9 - Beginner's Luck (Sep-1989)
20 - Twice in a Blue Moon (Aug-1990)
35 - Not a Marrying Man (Nov-1991)
42 - Best Man for the Job (Jun-1992)
52 - Hazards of the Heart (Apr-1993)
65 - Lucy and the Stone (May-1994)
81 - Alex and the Angel (Sep-1995)
87 - The Beauty, the Beast and the Baby (Mar-1996)
95 - Stryker's Wife (Nov-1996)
108 - Look What the Stork Brought (Dec-1997)
113 - The Passionate G-Man (May-1998)
122 - A Knight in Rusty Armor (Feb-1999)
135 - A Bride for Jackson Powers (Feb-2000)
156 - Rocky and the Senator's Daughter (Nov-2001)
165 - Beckett's Cinderella (Aug-2002)

Men of the Year

2 - A Knight in Rusty Armor (Feb-1999)

Texas Cattleman's Club

1 - Texas Millionaire (Aug-1999)
11 - The Millionaire's Pregnant Bride (Feb-2002)

Book List in Order: 84 titles

Award-Winning Books by Dixie Browning

Renegade Player
1982 Golden Medallion -- Contemporary Sweet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dixie Browning has published 84 books.

Dixie Browning does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, First Time Home, was published in October 2005.

The first book by Dixie Browning, Unreasonable Summer, was published in June 1980.

Yes. Dixie Browning has 7 series.