Lynn Raye Harris is a veteran world traveler and avowed shoeaholic. After a lifetime of military moves, she now plies her pen in Northern Alabama where she resides with her handsome husband and two crazy cats. When she's not shopping for new shoes or the perfect antique for her collection, she crafts stories about sexy alpha warriors and the heroines who bring them to their knees.

Book List in Order: 65 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Black's Bandits

1) Black List (Apr-2019)
2) Black Tie (Nov-2019)
3) Black Out (Feb-2020)
4) Black Knight (May-2021)
4.5) Masquerade (Dec-2021)
5) Black Heart (Jan-2022)
6) Black Mail (Apr-2022)
7) Black Velvet (Sep-2022)

Filthy Rich Billionaires

1) Filthy Rich Revenge (Oct-2020)
2) Filthy Rich Prince (Feb-2021)

Guarded Secrets

1) Prince Voronov's Virgin (Jan-2011)
2) The Devil's Heart (Apr-2011)
3) Behind the Palace Walls (Jun-2011)
4) The Girl Nobody Wanted (Nov-2012)
5) Marriage Behind the Facade (Jan-2013)
6) A Game with One Winner (Apr-2013)
7) A Facade to Shatter (Oct-2013)
8) Gambling with the Crown (May-2014)
9) Carrying the Sheikh's Heir (Jul-2014)

Heirs to the Throne of Kyr

1) Gambling with the Crown (May-2014)
2) Carrying the Sheikh's Heir (Jul-2014)

A Hostile Operations Team Novel

0.5) Reckless Heat (Feb-2016)
1) Hot Pursuit (Jul-2013)
2) Hot Mess (Nov-2013)
3) Hot Package (Feb-2014)
4) Dangerously Hot (Apr-2014)
5) Hot Shot (Jul-2014)
6) Hot Rebel (Oct-2014)
7) Hot Ice (Feb-2015)
8) Hot & Bothered (Aug-2015)
9) HOT SEAL (Sep-2015)
9) HOT Protector (Jan-2016)
10) HOT Addiction (Apr-2017)
11) HOT Valor (Jul-2017)
12) HOT Angel (Mar-2018)
13) Hot Witness (Mar-2017)
14) Hot Secrets (Sep-2018)
15) HOT Justice (Jan-2019)
15.5) A HOT Christmas Miracle (Dec-2020)
16) HOT Storm (Sep-2021)
17) HOT Courage (Jun-2022)


1) HOT SEAL (Sep-2015)
2) HOT SEAL Lover (Jun-2016)
3) HOT SEAL Rescue (Sep-2016)
4) HOT SEAL Bride (Jan-2018)
5) HOT SEAL Redemption (May-2018)
6) HOT SEAL Target (Aug-2018)
7) HOT SEAL Hero (Jul-2019)
8) HOT SEAL Devotion (Jun-2020)

Multi-Author Series List

7 Brides for 7 Brothers

5) Max (Nov-2016)

7 Brides for 7 Soldiers

4) Wyatt (Nov-2017)

7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes

3) Ross (Aug-2019)

Bad Blood

5) The Man With the Money // Heartless Rebel (Nov-2011)

Bound by His Ring

Marriage Behind the Facade (Jan-2013)

The Chatsfield

8) Heiress's Defiance (Dec-2014)

The Notorious Wolfes

5) The Man With the Money // Heartless Rebel (Nov-2011)

Royal Baby Collection

His Royal Love-Child (Jun-2013)

Royal Secrets

Behind the Palace Walls (Jun-2011)

Santina Crown

7) The Girl Nobody Wanted (Nov-2012)

Scandal in the Spotlight

A Game with One Winner (Apr-2013)

Sicily's Corretti Dynasty

6) A Facade to Shatter (Oct-2013)