Book List in Order: 67 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Buckhorn Ranch

1) The Bull Rider's Christmas Baby (Dec-2010)
2) The Rancher's Twin Troubles (Feb-2011)
3) A Cowgirl's Secret (Jun-2011)
4) A Baby in His Stocking (Dec-2011)

Cowboy SEALs

1) The SEAL's Miracle Baby (Jun-2015)
2) The Baby and the Cowboy SEAL (Jan-2016)
3) The SEAL's Second Chance Baby (Jun-2016)
4) The Cowboy SEAL's Jingle Bell Baby (Dec-2016)
5) The Cowboy SEAL's Christmas Baby (Nov-2017)
6) Cowboy SEAL Daddy (Apr-2018)
7) Colorado Cowboy SEAL (Jul-2019)
8) The Colorado Cowboy's Triplets (Sep-2019)

Operation: Family

1) A SEAL's Secret Baby (Aug-2012)
2) The SEAL's Stolen Child (Dec-2012)
3) The SEAL's Valentine (Jan-2013)
4) A Navy SEAL's Surprise Baby (Sep-2013)
5) The SEAL's Christmas Twins (Dec-2013)
6) The SEAL's Baby (Jun-2014)
7) The Cowboy SEAL (Oct-2014)

SEAL Team: Disavowed

1) Rogue (Jan-2016)
2) Outcast (Mar-2016)
3) Shunned (Dec-2016)
4) Exile (May-2017)
5) Renegade (Jun-2017)
6) Forsaken (Aug-2017)
7) Scorned (Mar-2018)

SEAL Team: Holiday Heroes

1) Christmas Cookie Baby (Dec-2017)
2) Happy New Year, Baby (Jan-2018)
3) Be My Valentine, Baby (Feb-2018)
4) St. Patrick's Baby (Mar-2019)

A Shamed Novel

1) Control (Sep-2014)
2) Possess (Dec-2014)
3) The Escort (Aug-2015)
4) Stepping Over the Line (May-2016)

U.S. Marshals, Born and Bred

1) Saving Joe (Oct-2005)
2) Marrying The Marshal (Jan-2006)
3) His Baby Bonus (Apr-2006)
4) To Catch a Husband (Jul-2006)

U.S. Marshals

1) Saving Joe (Oct-2005)
2) Marrying The Marshal (Jan-2006)
3) His Baby Bonus (Apr-2006)
4) To Catch a Husband (Jul-2006)
5) Christmas Cookie Baby (Dec-2017)
6) U.S. Marshals: Hunted (Aug-2019)
7) U.S. Marshals: Chased (Nov-2019)
8) U.S. Marshals: Prey (Jan-2020)

Multi-Author Series List

American Baby

Babies and Badges (Jul-2004)

Babies & Bachelors USA

The Baby Twins (May-2010)

Baby Boom

A Wedding for Baby (Sep-2009)
The Baby Battle (Mar-2010)

Baby to Be

Santa Baby (Nov-2004)


Temporary Dad (Jul-2005)
Daddy Daycare (Sep-2006)
Dancing With Dalton (Sep-2007)

Home on the Ranch

Colorado Cowboy SEAL (Jul-2019)
The Colorado Cowboy's Triplets (Sep-2019)

Men Made in America

The Marine's Babies (May-2009)

Rodeo Knights

5) Renegade (Jun-2017)

The State of Parenthood

A Daddy For Christmas (Nov-2008)

Times Two

The Right Twin (Apr-2007)