Book List in Order: 50 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Going Home

1) Trading Secrets (Apr-2005)
2) The Sugar House (Jun-2005)
3) Confessions of a Small-Town Girl (Aug-2005)

The Kendricks of Camelot

1) The Housekeeper's Daughter (May-2004)
2) Hot August Nights (Jun-2004)
3) Prodigal Prince Charming (Jul-2004)
4) Falling For The Heiress (Mar-2007)
5) The Reluctant Heiress (Jun-2007)

Related Books

1) Another Man's Children (Sep-2001)
2) Suddenly Family (Nov-2002)

Related Books - 2

1) When Morning Comes (Nov-1994)
2) Jake's Mountain (Mar-1995)

The Whitaker Brides

1) Logan's Bride (Nov-1995)
2) The Rebel's Bride (Jun-1996)
3) The Black Sheep's Bride (Sep-1996)
4) Finally His Bride (Apr-1999)

Multi-Author Series List

36 Hours

Father and Child Reunion (Dec-1997)
Christmas Bonus (Nov-2000)

Crown and Glory

3) Royal Protocol (Jun-2002)

Holiday Elopements

Logan's Bride (Nov-1995)

The Hunt for Cinderella

2) The Millionaire And The Glass Slipper (Dec-2007)
6) Once upon a Christmas Eve (Dec-2010)
10) Her Holiday Prince Charming (Dec-2013)

Man, Woman and Child

A Father's Wish (Jun-1995)

Prescription: Marriage

1) From House Calls to Husband (Oct-1998)
6) Dr. Mom and the Millionaire (Feb-2000)

Talk of the Neighborhood

The City Girl And The Country Doctor (Nov-2006)

That Special Woman

Daughter of the Bride (Jun-1994)

Award-Winning Books by Christine Flynn

Beyond the Night
1993 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Special Edition