Caroline Anderson's first romance novel, Relative Ethics, was published in 1991 by Mills & Boon, and she specializes in medical romances. Her most long and popular series is "The Audley Memorial Hospital", where romance is the best medicine of all. In 2002, she published the original Double Destiny Duology, where Fran Williams lives two different lives and loves. Now, she has created a new successful series, Yoxburgh, a tycoons's series.

Caroline Anderson continues to write her romances from her home in Suffolk, England.

Book List in Order: 108 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Audley Memorial Hospital

1) Relative Ethics (Nov-1991)
2) More Than Time (Jun-1992)
3) A Perfect Hero (Oct-1992)
4) Playing the Joker (Dec-1992)
5) Raw Deal (Jan-1993)
6) Knave of Hearts (Feb-1993)
7) The Spice of Life (Oct-1993)
8) Second Thoughts (Dec-1993)
9) A Man of Honour (Mar-1994)
10) Anyone Can Dream (Feb-1995)
11) Love Without Measure (Jul-1995)
12) That's My Baby! (Dec-1995)
13) And Daughter Makes Three (Jan-1996)
14) Tender Touch (May-1996)
15) If You Need Me... (Feb-1997)
16) Perfect Wife and Mother? / Chemical Reaction (May-1997)
17) The Real Fantasy (Oct-1997)
18) The Ideal Choice (Nov-1997)
19) Sarah's Gift (Jan-1999)
20) Definitely Maybe (Apr-1999)
21) The Girl Next Door (Mar-2000)
22) Just a Family Doctor (Oct-2000)
23) A Mother By Nature (Feb-2001)
24) Accidental Rendezvous (Oct-2001)
25) The Perfect Christmas (Dec-2001)
26) Accidental Seduction (Sep-2002)
27) Not Husband Material! (Sep-2003)
28) The Baby Bonding (Oct-2003)
29) Assignment: Christmas (Dec-2004)
30) Holding Out for a Hero (Oct-2005)
31) Maternal Instinct (Aug-2006)
32) A Wife and Child To Cherish (Mar-2007)
33) His Very Own Wife and Child (May-2007)
34) A Mommy for Christmas (Dec-2008)

Double Destiny

1) Assignment: Single Man (Dec-2002)
2) Assignment: Single Father (Jan-2003)

Legendary Walker Doctors

1) Tempted by Dr. Daisy (Oct-2011)
2) The Fiancee He Can't Forget (Nov-2011)


1) The Valtieri Marriage Deal (Jun-2009)
2) Valtieri's Bride (May-2012)
3) The Valtieri Baby (Sep-2012)

Yoxburgh Park Hospital

1) The Tycoon's Instant Family (Nov-2006)
2) Caring For His Baby (Nov-2007)
3) His Pregnant Housekeeper (May-2008)
4) The Single Mom and the Tycoon (Oct-2008)
5) Risk of a Lifetime (Mar-2014)
6) Their Meant-To-Be Baby (Feb-2017)
7) The Midwife's Longed-For Baby (Sep-2017)
8) Bound by Their Babies (Apr-2018)
9) Their Own Little Miracle (Aug-2018)
10) A Single Dad to Heal Her Heart (Apr-2019)
11) From Heartache to Forever (Oct-2019)
12) Tempted by the Single Mom (Apr-2020)
13) Healing Her Emergency Doc (Jun-2021)
14) The Midwife's Miracle Twins (Feb-2022)

Multi-Author Series List

Babies and Brides

The Baby Swap Miracle (Feb-2011)

Baby on Board

1) The Tycoon's Instant Family (Nov-2006)
8) His Pregnant Housekeeper (May-2008)

Billionaire Doctors

The Valtieri Marriage Deal (Jun-2009)

The Brides of Penhally Bay

1) Christmas Eve Baby (Dec-2010)
9) Their Miracle Baby (Aug-2011)
13) The Rebel of Penhally Bay (Dec-2011)

Diamond Brides

Two Little Miracles (Feb-2009)

Heart to Heart

A Bride Worth Waiting For (Jan-2006)
Caring For His Baby (Nov-2007)

Hope Children's Hospital

2) One Night, One Unexpected Miracle (Nov-2018)

Love on Call

Nothing Left to Give (Oct-1994)
Love Without Measure (Jul-1995)
A Familiar Stranger (Aug-1995)
That's My Baby! (Dec-1995)
And Daughter Makes Three (Jan-1996)
Taken for Granted (May-1996)

Maybe Baby!

The Baby Question (Apr-2002)


The Impetuous Bride (Nov-2001)

Prescription: Romance

Sarah's Gift (Jan-1999)
Definitely Maybe (Apr-1999)

Ready for Baby

Delivered: One Family (Feb-2001)
The Pregnant Tycoon (Jul-2004)
The Pregnancy Surprise / The Baby From Nowhere (Dec-2004)

St. Piran's

1) The Wedding of The Year (Sep-2012)


The Baby Bonding (Oct-2003)

What Women Want!

With This Baby (Jul-2003)