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    June 1979
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    February 1991
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About the Author

Anne Mikita and Edward Kolaczyk were native mid-westerners, they married on 1972. She taught elementary school, but after the marriage she became a restless housewife and mother of four kids. He was a bored marketing executive of IBM group, where he worked during 23 years until he quit on 1982. On 1976, she started to write romance novels, on 1981 she had a few novels published, and her husband decided collaborate with her, and they became a marriage writing team under female pennames. They discovered, that they are very different, but complementary. They used the pseudonyms of Anne Hillary, Anne Benson, Kathryn Jessup, Erika Bryant, Anne Edwards, Andrea Edwards, and Adriene Edwards, they also signed novels with real names Anne and Ed Kolaczyk. The marriage write in their house in Illinois, where they share housework, cooking and childrearing.

Book List in Order: 5 titles

  • Robin and Kitty are both pawns in a game played long ago by their fathers--a gambling aristocrat who finally lost more than he could afford, and a wealthy social-climbing commoner who offered the other an ideal way to discharge his losses. Now that t...

  • One month. They had only a month to find husbands or husbands would be found for them! Julia and her sister Phoebe had Ben whisked from school into the last of the London season. Sir Giles and Lady Ffoulkes, their new guardians, had delivered the ult...

  • "You have stripped this child of her good name and must replace it with your own. I insist that you marry her!" High-spirited, hot-tempered Stacy Prescott had sworn she would never wed an elderly stranger. Now, her escape with young Lauri...

  • Whatever happened to drab Elizabeth Corbett? She had married a cousin she didn't love to keep a family skeleton safely locked away... But now, newly gowned, housed, and, yes, beautiful, Elizabeth wondered why the dashing Lord Alex Waring had take...

  • A LOGICAL MATCH How had be gotten himself in such a damnable mess! How had a few careless words led to such a colossal misunderstanding? Now his entire family believed him to be married--and Simon was not about to enlighten them, not with his pride ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anne Hillary has published 5 books.

Anne Hillary does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Hearts in Hiding, was published in February 1991.

The first book by Anne Hillary, The Bartered Bride, was published in June 1979.

No. Anne Hillary does not write books in series.