Book List in Order: 19 titles

Complete Series List in Order


1) Stay For Christmas: A Son Is Given (Oct-2006)
2) Of Men and Angels (Jul-2003)

Midas, New Mexico

1) West of Heaven (Jul-2004)
2) Abbie's Outlaw (Apr-2005)
3) Midnight Marriage (Jan-2006)

Road to Refuge

1) When He Found Me (Mar-2019)

The Women of Swan's Nest

1) The Maverick Preacher (Feb-2009)
2) Wyoming Lawman (Oct-2010)
3) The Outlaw's Return (Feb-2011)
4) Marrying the Major (Oct-2011)

Multi-Author Series List

After the Storm: The Founding Years

Kansas Courtship (Mar-2010)