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    6 Books
  • First Book:
    January 1987
  • Latest Book:
    July 1993
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  • ANDREA KNEW THE DUKE SHE WAS DEALING WITH Miss Andrea Howard had no illusions about Hamilton Calgry, the Duke of Haverford. Her first sight of him was when she came upon him making the most improper advances toward her lovely young cousin Eliza...

  • LADY KATHERINE'S QUANDARY Katherine Spencer barely knew the handsome, charming Captain Giles Swynford when she yielded to his passionate plea for her romantic attention. And only after she recklessly promised herself to him did Katherine learn th...

  • THE REBEL OR THE RAKE? Lovely young Annemarie Marshall wanted nothing to do with marriage--especially to Lord Anthony Blakewell, the most notorious rake in London. But she could see no way to disobey her father's command to wed the lordly liberti...

  • DAUGHTER OF DISGRACE Stunningly beautiful Lady Angel Harlan had a past to live down. Not her own past, to be sure, but that of her mother, who had lost her good name in an unpardonable elopement. Thus Angel had to show society that she was not ...

  • Scandal Awaited Miss Eugenia Dudley On Her First Day Beyond The Addington School For Young Ladies. Wagging tongues had a delightful day when Miss Dudley and her new guardian, Lord Grahame, were forced, en route from the school, to take shelter alone...

  • HER MOTIVE HAD BEEN INNOCENT ENOUGH. NOW SHE WAS DEEP IN DECEPTION! Although Claire Darington's life had been hard under the demanding dictates of a martinet stepfather, upon his death she learned that she was a woman of considerable means. Natu...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roberta Eckert has published 6 books.

Roberta Eckert does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, An Indiscreet Offer, was published in July 1993.

The first book by Roberta Eckert, The Duke's Gambit, was published in January 1987.

No. Roberta Eckert does not write books in series.