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    21 Books - 5 Series
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    July 2011
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    June 2022
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Full Series List in Order

Bill of the Dead

1 - Strange Days (Feb-2019)
2 - Everyday Horrors (Jan-2020)

The Hybrid of High Moon

1 - Get Bent! (May-2018)
2 - Bent Outta Shape (Feb-2019)
3 - Bent On Destruction (Dec-2019)

Midnight Girl

1 - Midnite's Daughter (Sep-2017)

Tales of the Crypto-Hunter

1 - Bigfoot Hunters (Mar-2012)
2 - Devil Hunters (May-2018)
3 - Kraken Hunters (Feb-2021)

The Tome of Bill

1 - Bill the Vampire (Jul-2011)
2 - Scary Dead Things (Sep-2011)
3 - The Mourning Woods (Jul-2012)
4 - Holier Than Thou (Apr-2013)
4.5 - Sunset Strip (Oct-2013)
5 - Goddamned Freaky Monsters (Jun-2014)
6 - Half A Prayer (Jan-2015)
7 - The Wicked Dead (Dec-2015)
7.5 - Shining Fury (Apr-2016)
8 - The Last Coven (Feb-2017)

Book List in Order: 21 titles

  • There are reasons we fear the night. He isn't one of them.

    Bill Ryder was a dateless dweeb...then he died. Unfortunately for him that was just the beginning of his troubles. He awoke to find himself a vampire, one of the legendary predators of...

  • There are reasons we fear the night. He's STILL not one of them.

    Bill Ryder, the trash-talking geek from Bill The Vampire, is back and about to find himself in a whole new world of side-splitting insanity.One of the most powerful vampires ...

  • Evolution is about to be kicked in the teeth by some very large feet.

    When Harrison Kent suggests a camping trip to the dense woods of Colorado, his friends are all for a little adventure. What awaits them, though, is far more than they ever ...

  • Vampires Versus Bigfoot, Winner Takes All.

    Bill Ryder - gamer, geek, and legendary vampire - is back in his wildest adventure yet.A war is brewing between ancient enemies from the dawn of time. If it can't be stopped, the veil will be lifted ...

  • There Are Reasons The Undead Fear The Night.

    Bill Ryder - gamer, geek, and legendary vampire - has woman troubles. The girl he wants is deadly to him. The girl who wants him is deadly to everyone else. He's trapped in the most lethal love tri...

  • My name is Sally.

    For over thirty years I've prowled the night, one of the undead. In that time I've walked amongst you - a wolf in sheep's clothing - doing unspeakable things, killing countless people.

    Now, on the eve of Armageddon...

  • There Are Reasons We Fear The Night. Bill Ryder Is Trying To Stop Them.

    Three months have passed since the fateful encounter in New York City that ended with the disappearance of Bill Ryder - gamer, geek, and legendary vampire. Now he's back,...

  • TERROR LURKS BELOW AND IT'S ABOUT TO SURFACE.The end of the world is rapidly approaching, but Bill Ryder - gamer, geek, and legendary vampire - finds himself with more pressing concerns to worry about: the women in his life. Sidelined from action, he...

  • There Are Reasons We Fear The Night. Now He Must Become One Of Them.

    Bill Ryder has a powerful destiny. He just never expected it to involve an amnesiac bloodsucker, a bunch of D&D dorks, and a hormonal witch. It's time for the gamer, geek, a...

  • HELL HATH NO FURY...At first glance, most see only a shy girl from New York, but to the denizens of the night -- vampires, witches, and their ilk -- I am a nightmare given flesh, born to raze their kind from this very Earth. I am the Icon, the Shinin...

  • There are reasons we fear the night. He might finally be one of them.

    A goddess returned, a war between primal powers, and a prophecy to fulfill. That's a lot of crap to heap on anyone's plate, much less a former programmer from Brooklyn. But...

  • A Child of Two Worlds - Belonging to Neither, Dangerous to Both. All Kisaki really wants is to belong *somewhere, but there are few places half demons can safely call home. Raised in isolation within the celestial palace, she longs to escape and expl...

  • Deep in the woods, mankind is the endangered species.

    Derek Jenner, the Crypto-Hunter, is back! Something is terrorizing the inhabitants of the Garden State, leaving a trail of missing persons and mutilated bodies in its wake. All signs po...

  • Born of supernatural monsters. Hunted by her enemies. Ready to kick ass.Secrets are hard to keep in a town like High Moon, especially the one hanging over Tamara Bentley's head like the sword of Damocles. Her mother's a witch and her father's a werew...

  • HALF WITCH, HALF WEREWOLF, ALL ATTITUDE.Tamara Bentley's back and she has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop the supernatural cold war that's been brewing between the witches and werewolves surrounding her home of High Moon, Pennsylvania. But i...

  • At the edge of chaos, one geek stands tall.Five years ago, dateless dork Bill Ryder somehow saved the world, banishing magic and monsters to the shadows. He thought it was over, that he was finished with that life. Too bad for him, shit’s about...

  • BEING BOTH A WITCH AND WEREWOLF MIGHT NOT BE ENOUGH...My name's Tamara Bentley and lately everything I touch turns to crap. My best friend is missing, I was forced to kill my favorite aunt ... oh, and my parents have been kidnapped by the queen of th...

  • ONE GEEK AGAINST THE RISING DARKNESS.Bill Ryder is having a hell of a week. Magic is back, one of his friends has been entombed in solid rock, and he once again has no pulse to speak of. Too bad it’s about to get worse. Something is hunting va...

  • AN UNSTOPPABLE PREDATOR, A MYSTERY THAT COULD DOOM US ALLSomething has awakened within the Caribbean, staining the once tranquil waters red with blood. Crypto-Hunter Derek Jenner and his team are called in to investigate, but what they find is more s...

  • WITCH, WEREWOLF, AND WORLD SAVIOR.IT'S A LOT FOR ONE GIRL TO SHOULDER.Tamara Bentley thought rescuing her parents from the fairy queen would be enough - that she could go back to college and resume her life. Pity for her that reality has other plans,...

  • ONE GEEK STUCK IN A WORLD OF HURT.Gamer, geek, and legendary vampire Bill Ryder isn't having a great day. His girlfriend is lost in another dimension, his apartment's been staked out by werewolves, and to top it all off he's flat broke.Too bad there'...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rick Gualtieri has published 21 books.

Rick Gualtieri does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Liching Hour, was published in June 2022.

The first book by Rick Gualtieri, Bill the Vampire, was published in July 2011.

Yes. Rick Gualtieri has 5 series.