Shining Fury

At first glance, most see only a shy girl from New York, but to the denizens of the night -- vampires, witches, and their ilk -- I am a nightmare given flesh, born to raze their kind from this very Earth. I am the Icon, the Shining One, the last defender of humanity against the oncoming tide of darkness.

They say my coming was foretold, that prophecies speak of a beacon of hope who will light the way during the end days. It is said I am destined to vanquish the last of the Magi, and face the Night Spawn in the final battle for the fate of mankind.

If only things could be so easy.

Despite all my power, I am afraid. And if I can't conquer my fear, face my demons, and overcome the feelings I have for a man I must destroy, then I shall be utterly consumed ... and the world will know endless suffering for my failure.


Shining Fury - the story of the Icon, bane of the vampire nation - is the second companion piece to the bestselling Tome of Bill saga. If you like hard-hitting action and adventure, then you'll love Rick Gualtieri's latest installment in this urban fantasy series with a nasty overbite.

Series note: this story takes place concurrent with the events of The Wicked Dead.

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