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    5 Books
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    April 1982
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    February 1988
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  • HER WILDEST DREAMS WERE COMING TRUE... She was in London... Julie Elliott, in London assigned to cover the Royal Wedding, the most dazzling event of the decade! Julie was thrilled. But Nick Tregarron found it all absurd. Even as the handsome photo...

  • HIS WISH WAS HER COMMAND Katarin Jameson was spellbound. He was here, in the flesh, the Baron von Drachensberg -- tall, compelling and definitely interested in Katarin. When she'd returned to the land of her ancestors to run the family vineya...

  • OUT OF CONTROL The fog-drenched forest, the glare of the headlights, the sleek cars careening on their wild courses...this was Bryony's world, the thrilling world of the car rally. But her world had been invaded. As manager of IIF Motors, she reg...

  • Wild and high-spirited, Frey was but seventeen when a headlong ride through the brambles and thickets of Ketilfiord landed her in the strong arms of a powerful Norman knight. Torn between her Saxon hatred of the invader, and the firestorm of desi...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mary Christopher has published 5 books.

Mary Christopher does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Dark Conqueror, was published in February 1988.

The first book by Mary Christopher, Royal Wedding, was published in April 1982.

No. Mary Christopher does not write books in series.