Book List in Order: 74 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Children of Destiny

1) Passion's Child (Sep-1988)
2) Destiny's Child (Oct-1988)
3) Night Child (Nov-1988)
4) Wilderness Child (Dec-1989)
5) Scandal's Child (Apr-1990)
6) The Goodbye Child (Jun-1991)
7) Nobody's Child (Nov-1997)
8) Secret Child (Feb-1998)

Golden Spurs

1) The Girl With The Golden Spurs (Oct-2004)
2) The Girl With The Golden Gun (Nov-2005)
3) The Throw-Away Bride (Dec-2008)
4) The Bride Hunter (Jun-2009)

Lone Star Dynasty

1) One Night? Or Forever? (Feb-2016)
1.5) Love with an Imperfect Lawman (Feb-2019)
2) Love with an Imperfect Maid (Aug-2019)
3) Love with an Imperfect Bridegroom (Sep-2019)
4) Love with an Imperfect Bride (Oct-2019)

Related Books

1) The Accidental Bridegroom (Nov-1994)
2) The Accidental Bodyguard (Jun-1996)

Something Wild

1) Wild Honey (Sep-1993)
2) Wild Midnight (Nov-1993)
3) Wild Innocence (Feb-1994)

Superstars with Secret Babies

1) Her Forbidden Bodyguard (Oct-2020)

Multi-Author Series List

Bachelor Boys

Wild Innocence (Feb-1994)

Body & Soul

Midnight Fantasy (Jul-2000)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

A Scandal So Sweet (Jul-2012)

Fortune's Children

51) Secret Kisses (Apr-2005)
52) Cowboy at Midnight (Jun-2005)

The Fortunes of Texas

13) Cowboy at Midnight (Jun-2005)


1) The Accidental Bridegroom (Nov-1994)

June Grooms

Married to the Enemy (Jun-1992)

Lone Star Country Club

Reinventing Mary (May-2002)
Shameless (Jun-2003)

Man of the Month

12) Wilderness Child (Dec-1989)
16) Scandal's Child (Apr-1990)
30) The Goodbye Child (Jun-1991)
37) A Knight in Tarnished Armor (Jan-1992)
57) Wild Honey (Sep-1993)
62) Wild Innocence (Feb-1994)
71) The Accidental Bridegroom (Nov-1994)
84) A Cowboy Christmas (Dec-1995)
90) The Accidental Bodyguard (Jun-1996)
107) Nobody's Child (Nov-1997)
125) Love Me True (May-1999)
152) Cowboy Fantasy (Jul-2001)
169) A Cowboy & A Gentleman (Dec-2002)
175) The Bride Hunter (Jun-2009)
191) Ultimatum: Marriage (Oct-2010)

Men of the Year

5) Love Me True (May-1999)

Montana Mavericks

15) Bride, Baby and All (Apr-1998)

Rich, Rugged Ranchers

6) His for the Taking (Jun-2013)