Forbidden Dreams
Ashton couldn't explain the odd feeling of having been in the little town before...she had no recollection of it. A geologist, she had come to North Carolina to research a rare mineral, but everyone reacted very if they somehow knew her...and knew she was in danger.

Perhaps handsome ex-football star Cav Cavanaugh was part of her past, but now, as he took her hand in his, time seemed to stand still and she warmed to the magic sensations that made her forget everything else. In his powerful embrace, there was no past, only that moment, and tomorrow.

But someone was trying to killer her! Even with Cav at her side, Ashton knew she was not beyond danger...danger that lurked in the mystery of another time, and now threatened her future.

Hero: Cav Cavanaugh
Heroine: Ashton Paro

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