• Length:
    19 Books
  • Genres:
    Contemporary Category Romance
  • Rating:

Kids & Kisses Series in Order (19 Books)

Author Book Series Date Rating
HR-3316 3.5
HR-3320 3
HR-3324 4.5
HR-3328 3
HR-3333 4
HR-3338 4
HR-3341 3.5
HR-3340 4
HR-3344 3

HR-3347 4
HR-3351 3
HR-3356 3.5
HR-3362 4
HR-3494 2.5
HR-3506 3
HR-3514 3.5
HR-3523 3.5
HR-3538 2.5
HR-3561 3.5

Book Descriptions for series: Kids & Kisses

  • Shannon Waverly

    "I intend to assume guardianship of the boy." "You what?" Suzanna laughed incredulously, "We're not communicating, are we?" You see, I'm Timmy's guardian. Me." "Not legally." Logan Bradford stare...

  • Roz Denny

    "I guess you don't want to be my friend, huh, Mr. Parker?" Mike darted a furtive glance at Sarah. Mom said you might not... Sarah stifled a cry of protest as Gabe turned the full force of his ice-blue eyes her way. Couldn't he ...

  • Leigh Michaels

    "I could have you arrested for kidnapping!" "Good afternoon to you, too, Mr. Worthington," Amanda replied coolly. "Where's my son?" Chase demanded. "And what the hell did you think you were doing, snatching him a...

  • Anne Marie Duquette

    "I think Matt likes you, Dinosaur Lady." Jason paused to adjust his crutches. "I think he likes you a lot. It wouldn't hurt you to like him back." Noelle was stunned. Like him back? Oh, but she did -- far too much! She watc...

  • Amanda Clark (1)

    "Is that why you're marrying Philip?" Ben looked skeptical and vaguely disapproving as he spoke. "Because Chris needs a father?" "I'm not-- I didn't mean-- That's not the only consideration, you know." Je...

  • Day Leclaire

    "Toni isn't your nephew--she's your niece!" "You're kidding!" Luc grinned in amazement. "That's wonderful!" Grace struggled to control her temper. "You're missing the point. If the police had disc...

  • Heather Allison

    "You're getting the hang of this parenting business." Kirk's words startled Amanda. Parenting. It had been years since she'd thought about having a child. She didn't have time for a child. She had goals, plans .... An el...

  • Rebecca Winters

    "Are you really my daddy?" Anna wriggled loose from her mother's grip and gazed up at Kon. "You look just like the Nutcracker Prince in my storybook!" Meg was shaken by the stars in her daughter's eyes, shaken by this ne...

  • Rosemary Gibson

    "Inconvenient! Is that how you regard William, too?" Until now, Cassie's life had been independent and carefree, so she was relieved that the secretarial job she'd taken on to help out her aunt Kate was only temporary-after all, c...

  • Betty Neels

    At least the kids liked him! Dictatorial, overbearing and downright rude! Dr. Valentine Seymour might be an excellent pediatrician, but however good he was with his small patients, he needed to develop more of a bedside manner with adults. Daisy d...

  • Emma Goldrick

    A Tough Little Lady How dare Charlie Wheeler suggest that she needed a man -- for anything! It looked to her like he, and his little daughter, Cecilia, needed the tender loving care that a woman could provide. Cecilia might act tough, but Leonie M...

  • Jessica Steele

    He was two different men! "You must be the most impudent female I've ever employed!" Vere Tolladine had a nerve--how dare he imply that she was the one with the attitude problem? The man was infuriating, objectionable! So why did he...

  • Rebecca Winters

    "Doesn't your job ever make you yearn for a child of your own?" Rachel Ellis had come to Spain to find her brother and, instead, discovered a tiny niece she hadn't even known existed. Rachel longed for a baby of her own but, since ...

  • Trisha David

    Why else would Erin O'Connell come back to Australia to live with her grandfather? Mike McTavish was convinced she was only out for what she could get - but when he saw Erin handle his orphaned twin niece and nephew so tenderly, he began to doubt his...

  • Judy Kaye; Pamela Bauer

    A lawyer in the nursery! Grant Harris was used to dealing with difficult disputes, but when he agreed to help out his sister and run her nursery for a while he was clearly out of his depth. Being a substitute father to a bunch of noisy toddlers wa...

  • Rosemary Gibson

    A brief encounter... and a second chance! For Clemency Adams, one disastrous marriage was enough. She'd decided to focus on her career in the future, and that meant trying to ignore the instinctive attraction she felt for the man next door--an...

  • Day Leclaire

    Five year old River Sierra wants a mother -- a mother just like the beautiful fairy in her storybook. So when J.J. Randell turns up on her doorstep, it seems that her wish has come true -- J.J. seems to be a perfect mother candidate. Only River's...

  • Judy Kaye; Pamela Bauer

    Bryan Shepard wanted a mother, and new neighbor Alexis Gordon was perfect for the job. He just had to convince his dad she'd make the perfect wife. Judd Shepard understood his son's attraction to Alexis but, convinced she was just playing mom to boos...

  • Lucy Gordon

    Wanted: wife or mother? Joanne graciously stepped aside when Franco Farelli married her cousin four years before--her love for him kept a secret. Now Franco is a widower with an adorable little boy, Nico, and Joanne can't resist paying them a ...