Day Leclaire

Day Leclaire is described by Harlequin as being “one of our most popular writers ever!” Day started writing at a young age when her mother suggested that if she didn’t have a book to read, she should write one. The writing bug continued through high school, but then subsided when she majored in Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. She dropped out of school and met her future husband, Frank. After buying a computer for business purposes, Day discovered it was a wonderful writing tool. She began writing again and her first few attempts were rejected. Tragically, Day’s younger sister died of a brain tumor. In order to help her out her depression, her husband suggested that she start writing again. It worked and she wrote the slapstick romance, Jinxed, and dedicated to her lost sister. She states that she is still filled with ideas that should have her writing for several years.

Book List in Order: 75 titles