A Kiss at Midnight
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  • First Book:
    August 2010
  • Latest Book:
    June 2013
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    Historical Romance
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The Fairy Tales Series in Order (9 Books)

Order Book Date Rating
1 5
1.5 (e) 4
2 5
2.5 (e) 4
3 4
4 4
4.25 5
4.5 5
5 5

Book Descriptions for series: Fairy Tales

  • Book - 1

    Miss Kate Daltry doesn't believe in fairy tales . . . or happily ever after. Forced by her stepmother to attend a ball, Kate meets a prince . . . and decides he's anything but charming. A clash of wits and wills ensues, but they both know ...

  • Book - 1.5

    An exclusive eBook original novella with bonus excerpts from A Kiss At Midnight and the forthcoming When Beauty Tamed the Beast from New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James. Featuring the handsome and mysterious Wick from A Kiss At Midnight. ...

  • Book - 2

    Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne is a Beauty . . . Naturally, she's betrothed to a Beast. Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, lives in a castle in Wales where, it is rumored, his bad temper flays everyone he crosses. And rumor also has it that a wound has...

  • Book - 2.5

    A delightful ebook original novella from New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James. Winning the Wallflower introduces Lady Lucy Towerton, who is plain, tall, and considered very lucky to be betrothed to a man who lauds her irreproachable proprie...

  • Book - 3

    Destiny will be decided between the sheets in this all-new tale of “The Princess and the Pea.” For Olivia Lytton, betrothal to the Duke of Canterwick -- hardly a Prince Charming -- feels more like a curse than a happily-ever-after. At least h...

  • Book - 4

    How can she dare to imagine he loves her . . . when all London calls her The Ugly Duchess? Theodora Saxby is the last woman anyone expects the gorgeous James Ryburn, heir to the Duchy of Ashbrook, to marry. But after a romantic proposal before the...

  • Book - 4.25

    After years at sea, Sir Griffin Barry comes home to claim his wife. But is Phoebe his wife if their marriage was never consummated? As an infamous pirate, Griffin claimed and kept gold and jewels . . . but this is one treasure that will not be so ...

  • Book - 4.5

    From New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James come two stunningly sensual stories in which gentlemen who rule the waves learn that true danger lies not on the high seas, but in the mistakes that can break a heart . . . and ruin a life forever. ...

  • Book - 5

    To win her love. . . As an extremely wealthy laird, Gowan Stoughton, Duke of Kinross, can have any of the maidens at the ball he attends. The only problem is they are all English and Gowan is not so certain they are suitable. He is accustomed to t...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 9 books in the Fairy Tales series.

The Fairy Tales series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Once Upon a Tower (Book 5), was published in June 2013.

The first book in the Fairy Tales series, A Kiss at Midnight, was published in August 2010.

The Fairy Tales series primarily falls into the Historical Romance genre.
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