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    8 Books
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    June 1986
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    June 1997
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Multi-Author Series List

Dangerous Men (Intrigue)

8 - The Eyes of Derek Archer (Aug-1995)


12 - Sworn to Silence (Jun-1997)

Book List in Order: 8 titles

  • Romance at the Pentagon! When Valerie Carruthers walked into the briefing room, the last thing she expected was a two-star general who gave new meaning to the word charisma. His name was Richard P. Gilchrist. She didn't know Richard had specifi...

  • They had only uncovered the tip of the iceberg Jennifer Logan couldn't believe it. During a routine check on security clearances, she'd found a spy. Who would believe her? Then she remembered Colonel Michael Thoreson, Chief of Security at the P...

  • She was marked for murder... At the military training post on the Monterey, California, coast, the untimely death of a teacher was sad but not suspicious, until someone mentioned "murder." Then a late-night cry for help sent Air Force Captain Joy...

  • Desire meant deceptions One night's raw Asian passion with George McDonough almost made Marilyn Wainwright forget her fears. But in the dawning morning, government officials and an assassin were still on her tail. And she was on the run again. ...

  • In order to find the truth...she would live a lie Evil Beckoned... ...and Andrea Mitchell set out for the Kingdom of Tisara. Somewhere, in this vast foreign land, her new husband had disappeared without a trace. Andrea meant to find him - not ...

  • Did star-crossed lovers dare to wish upon a star? STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT Years ago, Pamela Wright's father vanished after sighting a UFO. Now, her best friend reported a similar sighting. Seconds later, he was dead. LAST STAR SEEN TONIGHT Ma...

  • Derek Archer had been called a killer.. . He'd been hunted, stalked and pursued as a fugitive--until he'd vanished altogether. Shortly after the case against Derek Archer was closed, the man managed to escape and create a new identity. Then he set...

  • SHE HAD SAVED THE LIFE OF A STRANGER... When intelligence officer Erin Meyer saw a coded message she thought referred to a stranger's impending assassination, she had no choice but to grab her pocketbook and show at the deadly rendezvous. Arrivin...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vickie York has published 8 books.

Vickie York does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Sworn to Silence, was published in June 1997.

The first book by Vickie York, A Top-Secret Affair, was published in June 1986.

No. Vickie York does not write books in series.