Book List in Order: 19 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Elk River, Colorado

1) The Bodyguard (May-1999)
2) Undercover Fiance (Jun-1999)

Honeymoon Hideaway

1) The Case of the Vanished Groom (Jun-1997)
2) The Case of the Bad Luck Fiance (Jul-1997)

McClintock Country

1) To Protect Their Child (Mar-2001)
2) Colorado's Finest (Apr-2001)

Mirror Images

1) Dark Knight (Jul-1995)
2) Dark Star (Aug-1995)

Multi-Author Series List

Cowboy Cops

Behind the Shield (Mar-2004)

Dangerous Men (Intrigue)

1) Ladykiller (Jan-1995)
17) The Other Laura (Apr-1996)

Her Protector

Easy Loving (May-1998)


3) Bulletproof Heart (Sep-1996)

Ultimate Heroes

Midnight Investigation (Jun-2009)