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    7 Books
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    September 1982
  • Latest Book:
    November 2001
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Book List in Order: 7 titles

  • LOVE HAS ITS REASONS. Cara Lang had been slumbering, waiting, though she hadn't known it until Sloan Montgomery stormed into her life and awakened the woman inside her. She shivered beneath his touch, gloried in his dazzling gaze and reveled in...

  • MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE Lara Hastings' kindness to Jason, the orphaned nephew of a notorious tycoon, only enraged "Uncle" Grey Barratt. Clearly, Grey suspected Lara, a beautiful elementary-school teacher, of using Jason to gain his fav...

  • SOUTHERN MAN Carol DuBois was strong, smart and ambitious. She knew she could run the family business better than her brother, but her father had been blind to everything except the fact that she was a woman. So she set out to prove she could make...

  • LIFE WASN'T A JOKE... to a rodeo clown. Rama Daniels knew that from experience. Called upon to risk her life to save rodeo riders, Rama worked the circuit year after year until an accident ended her career. Then Bare Lawson rode roughshod i...

  • SUMMER'S SWEET PROMISE Fancy Connors had one long, hot summer to find out if her love for Rader Malone was real or just a long-held dream. She was barely a teenager when her handsome, older stepbrother had been driven out of her life. And now,...

  • On a Montana prairie in 1866, Lydia Bannock awakes after a riding accident to find herself surrounded by a Crow hunting party. With no memory of her life before the accident, Lydia turns to the Crow for her future. She soon earns the tribe's resp...

  • Maggie Rome never expected to hear from her ex-husband, Gary Brady, and she certainly never dreamed that his late-night call would get her mixed up in a murder investigation involving an Arkansas cult.

    Gary's younger sister Susan has been found d...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Olivia Ferrell has published 7 books.

Olivia Ferrell does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Stone Fish, was published in November 2001.

The first book by Olivia Ferrell, Love Has Its Reasons, was published in September 1982.

No. Olivia Ferrell does not write books in series.