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    4 Books
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    May 1979
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    September 1983
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  • She had escaped, never to return! Disguised in boy's livery, young Beth Howard had fled from her cruel guardians in order to avoid marriage to a man she'd never met. But she was shortly to discover that the perils that lay ahead were fat worse...

  • "I'll never manage to hit a target!" Princess Anya was reluctant to take Zaro's pistol. She was a poor shot, and besides, even the murderous brigands surrounding their carriage were not enough to induce her to kill another person. But this was not wh...

  • She could have been the queen's twin! So great was Kirsty's resemblance to young Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, that people stopped in the streets and stared at her. It wasn't long before this uncanny resemblance drew the attention of the queen hers...

  • For the luxurious and legendary S.S. Atlanta the crossing to Canada in mid-November 1906 is a momentous voyage … a chance to prove she is the fastest liner on the Atlantic Ocean. For Miss Faye Wainwright, granddaughter of the owner, this is the ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Margaret Hope has published 4 books.

Margaret Hope does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Perilous Voyage, was published in September 1983.

The first book by Margaret Hope, The Queen's Captain, was published in May 1979.

No. Margaret Hope does not write books in series.