Book List in Order: 112 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Baby Bonds

1) Custody For Two (May-2006)
2) The Baby Trail (Jul-2006)
3) Expecting His Brother's Baby (Sep-2006)

Baby Experts

1) Lullaby For Two (Mar-2009)
2) The Midwife's Glass Slipper (May-2009)
3) Baby By Surprise (Sep-2009)
4) The Texas Billionaire's Baby (Mar-2010)
5) The Texan's Happily-ever-after (May-2010)
6) Twins Under His Tree (Dec-2010)

Best Men

1) Cowboy at the Wedding (Aug-1996)
2) Most Eligible Dad (Sep-1996)
3) A Groom and a Promise (Oct-1996)

Caprice De Luca

1) Staged to Death (Dec-2013)
2) Deadly Decor (Jun-2014)
3) Gilt by Association (Feb-2015)
4) Drape Expectations (Aug-2015)
5) Silence of the Lamps (May-2016)
6) Shades of Wrath (Dec-2016)
7) Slay Bells Ring (Nov-2017)
8) Cut to the Chaise (Nov-2018)

Coleburn Brothers

1) Just the Man She Needed (Mar-2000)
2) Just the Husband She Chose (Jun-2000)
3) Be My Bride? (Jan-2001)

Dads In Progress

1) The Daddy Dilemma (Feb-2008)
2) The Daddy Plan (Jun-2008)
3) The Daddy Verdict (Sep-2008)

A Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery

1) Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes (Jan-2018)
2) Murder with Cinnamon Scones (May-2018)
3) Murder with Cucumber Sandwiches (May-2019)
4) Murder with Cherry Tarts (Nov-2019)
5) Murder with Clotted Cream (May-2020)
6) Murder with Oolong Tea (Jan-2021)
7) Murder with Orange Pekoe Tea (Oct-2021)
8) Murder with Darjeeling Tea (May-2022)

Do You Take This Stranger?

1) Wealth, Power and a Proper Wife (Sep-1998)
2) Love, Honor and a Pregnant Bride (Oct-1998)
3) Promises, Pumpkins and Prince Charming (Nov-1998)
4) Wishes, Waltzes and a Storybook Wedding (Nov-1999)

Everyday Love

1) Everyday Cinderellas (Jun-2011)
2) Everyday Prince Charming (Jul-2011)
3) Everyday Romance (Nov-2012)

Finding Mr. Right

1) Kit and Kisses (Aug-1997)
2) Forever After (May-1997)
3) Mom Meets Dad (Apr-1999)
4) Because of Francie / Falling For Her Boss (Apr-1997)
5) Toys and Wishes (Jun-1997)
6) Love in Bloom (Apr-1993)
7) Ribbons and Rainbows (Jul-1997)
8) Wish on the Moon (Feb-2011)

Mommy Club

1) Wanted: A Real Family (Aug-2013)
2) A Match Made by Baby (Sep-2014)
3) The Cowboy's Secret Baby (Aug-2015)

Related Books

1) Adam's Vow (Apr-1995)
2) Always Daddy (Sep-1995)
3) Shane's Bride (Jan-1996)

Related Books - 2

1) Tall, Dark & True (Mar-2001)
2) Her Tycoon Boss (Jun-2001)
3) Doctor in Demand (Aug-2001)

Reunion Brides

1) His Daughter...Their Child (Feb-2011)
2) Once upon a Groom (Oct-2011)
3) The CEO's Unexpected Proposal (Jul-2012)
4) Riley's Baby Boy (Aug-2012)

Search For Love

1) Nathan's Vow (Aug-2011)
2) Jake's Bride (Aug-2011)
3) Always Devoted (Aug-2011)
4) Always Her Cowboy (Sep-2011)
5) Heartfire (Oct-2011)
6) Cassidy's Cowboy (Mar-2012)
7) Her Sister (Feb-2012)
8) The Wedding Promise (Jun-2016)
9) Forever in Her Eyes (Sep-2016)

Multi-Author Series List

Bundles of Joy

Adam's Vow (Apr-1995)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

The CEO's Unexpected Proposal (Jul-2012)

Crown and Glory

Searching for Her Prince (Sep-2002)

Fabulous Fathers

Always Daddy (Sep-1995)
Most Eligible Dad (Sep-1996)

The Foleys & The McCords

The Texas Bodyguard's Proposal (Aug-2009)

Fortune's Children

37) Marry In Haste (Sep-2000)
51) Dream Marriage (Apr-2005)
56) The Good Doctor (Oct-2005)
108) Fortune's Secret Husband (Mar-2016)
122) Fortune's Family Secrets (Apr-2018)

Fortunes of Texas: All Fortunes Children

3) Fortune's Secret Husband (Mar-2016)

Fortunes of Texas: The Rulebreakers

4) Fortune's Family Secrets (Apr-2018)

The Fortunes of Texas

17) The Good Doctor (Oct-2005)
63) Fortune's Secret Husband (Mar-2016)
77) Fortune's Family Secrets (Apr-2018)

Furever Yours

4) The Nanny Clause (Apr-2019)

Home on the Ranch

Montana Holiday Homecoming (Nov-2019)

Logan's Legacy

Take a Chance on Me (Mar-2004)
6) A Precious Gift (Nov-2004)
18) Falling For The Texas Tycoon (Feb-2007)

Loving the Boss

2) The Night Before Baby (Feb-1999)

Millionaire, Montana

Fortune's Secret Husband (Mar-2016)

Montana Mavericks

59) Cabin Fever (May-2005)
70) From Daddy (Sep-2010)
76) His Country Cinderella (Sep-2011)
89) Marrying Dr. Maverick (Oct-2013)
106) The Maverick's Holiday Surprise (Nov-2016)
112) The Maverick's Snowbound Christmas (Nov-2017)

Montana Mavericks: Thunder Canyon Cowboys

3) From Daddy (Sep-2010)

Montana Mavericks: The Texans Are Coming!

His Country Cinderella (Sep-2011)

Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys

4) Marrying Dr. Maverick (Oct-2013)

Montana Mavericks: The Baby Bonanza

The Maverick's Holiday Surprise (Nov-2016)

Montana Mavericks: The Great Family Roundup

5) The Maverick's Snowbound Christmas (Nov-2017)

Shakespeare in Love

Twelfth Night Proposal (Dec-2005)


A Husband in Her Eyes (Mar-2002)
With One Touch (Jan-2003)

Storkville, USA

Her Honor-Bound Lawman (Nov-2000)

Talk of the Neighborhood

The Super Mom (Dec-2006)

Virgin Brides

The Marriage Clause (May-2002)

The Wilder Family

Her Mr. Right? (May-2008)