• Length:
    6 Books
  • Genres:
    Contemporary Category Romance
  • Rating:

The Wilder Family Series in Order (6 Books)

Author Book Series Date Rating
SSE-1873 3.5
SSE-1881 3.5
SSE-1886 3.5
SSE-1891 3
SSE-1897 3.5
SSE-1903 4.5

Book Descriptions for series: The Wilder Family

  • Marie Ferrarella

    THE GOOD DOCTOR After his father's death, successful doctor Peter Wilder faced off against a formidable enemy: a huge conglomerate vying to take over the small-town hospital his family had run for years. At least Peter knew he had every member of th...

  • Mary J. Forbes

    SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY? Newly minted doctor Ella Wilder just wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and practice medicine--even as a conglomerate vied to take over her family's beloved hospital. Then said company's executive accidentally lost...

  • Teresa Southwick

    Hotshot plastic surgeon David Wilder was used to operating on Beverly Hills beauties. But when he agreed to assist temporarily at Walnut River's small-town hospital, his world was turned upside down by a gorgeous little girl--and her equally captivat...

  • Judy Duarte

    POSITIVELY PREGNANT? Seems the halls of Walnut River General are harboring a few juicy secrets. Is our ever-proper E.R. nurse Simone Gardner getting a little bigger around the middle? Rumors are flying that she and paramedic Mike O'Rourke have bee...

  • Karen Rose Smith

    AN INVESTIGATION...INTO LOVE? Neil Kane arrived at Walnut River General Hospital to investigate charges of insurance fraud, knowing he'd be greeted as Public Enemy #1. To his surprise, though, he soon discovered an unexpected ally in--and an unden...

  • Raeanne Thayne

    THE PRODIGAL WILDER RETURNS To snag a coveted promotion, financial whiz Anna Wilder had to close one last important deal: the takeover of her hometown hospital, Walnut River General. Black Sheep Anna had never felt like she'd fit into the respecte...