As the author of books on embroidery design, the progression in 1994 from fact to fiction was perhaps less daunting for Juliet than it might have been for a complete beginner. But in many ways, the requirements are similar: a strong imagination and sense of design; an eye for detail; a love of color, scenery, and research; and a willingness to share inner thoughts and feelings with readers. Dedication is also useful to Juliet, living in the country, as the temptation to spend time picnicking and sightseeing instead of writing is sometimes very strong.

Book List in Order: 25 titles

Complete Series List in Order

At the Tudor Court

1) Betrayed, Betrothed and Bedded (Jul-2014)
2) Taming the Tempestuous Tudor (Sep-2016)
3) The Mistress and the Merchant (Jan-2018)

Ladies of Paradise Road

2) Dishonor and Desire (Aug-2007)
3) The Rake's Unconventional Mistress (Feb-2009)
A Scandalous Mistress (Feb-2007)