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    9 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    May 1999
  • Latest Book:
    May 2023
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Full Series List in Order

Emile Cinq-Mars

1 - City of Ice (May-1999)
2 - Ice Lake (Feb-2001)
3 - The Storm Murders (Jun-2015)
4 - Seven Days Dead (May-2016)
5 - Perish the Day (May-2017)

Storm Murders Trilogy

1 - The Storm Murders (Jun-2015)
2 - Seven Days Dead (May-2016)
3 - Perish the Day (May-2017)

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • A college kid in a Santa Claus suit is tortured, murdered, and left hanging from a meat hook on Christmas Eve--a gift intended for one particular cop.
    Reminiscent of Smilla's Sense of Snow, this gripping debut thriller set in ...

  • On the day after a massive blizzard, two policemen are called to an isolated farm house sitting all by itself in the middle of a pristine snow-blanketed field. Inside the lonely abode are two dead people. But there are no tracks in the snow leading e...

  • During an epic storm in the Gulf of Maine a lone woman races--first by car, then by a life-threatening sea crossing--to the island of Grand Manan. Her father is dying―will she make it in time? Others also venture out into the maelstrom that nigh...

  • Perish the Day is a riveting new mystery from John Farrow, an author who "brings a literary fiction writer's sensitivity to nuance and feel for landscape to this fine, character-rich thriller with a bang-up finish" (Booklist). A co-ed ...

  • Getting inside is easy; the stress comes in getting out clean. A case of breaking and entering escalates after Émile Cinq-Mars transfers from the Night Patrol. Montreal, 1975. Detective Émile Cinq-Mars is transferring from the Night Patrol -- th...

  • "Remarkable stuff. Fans of Bill James' Harpur and Iles saga of cops and robbers are in for quite a treat" - Kirkus Reviews Starred ReviewSergeant-Detective Émile Cinq-Mars fails with a task set to him by his former captain and the consequences look ...

  • Welcome to Lady Jail: a nest of killers, and not all of them are getting out alive . . . Quebec, 1994. Fraud artist Abigail, the newest arrival at the Joliette Institution for Women, is struggling to adjust to the prison’s communal quarters. Her f...

  • In John Farrow’s riveting 10th novel featuring his iconic detective É mile Cinq-Mars, an investigation into a peculiar rash of deaths, in which the elderly sitting up straight suddenly “pop off,” lays bare the roots and intrica...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

John Farrow has published 9 books.

John Farrow does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A Patient Death, was published in May 2023.

The first book by John Farrow, City of Ice, was published in May 1999.

Yes. John Farrow has 2 series.