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    20 Books (4 Series)
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    August 2013
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    March 2024
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Full Series List in Order

An American Ghost Thriller

1 - Rogue (Jun-2018)
2 - Reckoning (Aug-2018)
3 - Requiem (Nov-2018)

A Deborah Jones Crime Thriller

1 - Miami Requiem (Nov-2014)
2 - Dark Waters (Nov-2014)

A Jack McNeal Thriller

1 - No Way Back (Jan-2022)
2 - Long Way Home (Feb-2023)

A Jon Reznick Thriller

1 - Hard Road (Aug-2013)
2 - Hard Kill (Jun-2014)
3 - Hard Wired (Apr-2015)
3.5 - Gone Bad (Nov-2015)
4 - Hard Way (May-2017)
5 - Hard Fall (Feb-2018)
6 - Hard Hit (Jun-2019)
7 - Hard Shot (Dec-2019)
8 - Hard Target (May-2020)
9 - Hard Vengeance (Jan-2021)
10 - Hard Fire (Dec-2022)
11 - Hard Exit (Dec-2023)

Book List in Order: 20 titles

  • The first in a series featuring Jon Reznick, covert assassin for the US Government.

    Since his wife died in the Twin Towers, Jon Reznick, a covert assassin for the US Government, has cared about nothing except his eleven-year-old daughter.

  • An American diplomat goes missing and ex-Special Forces operative Jon Reznick joins a top secret team, led by FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein, to help track him down.

    The team believes that there may be a terrorist group - perhaps Isl...

  • A compelling conspiracy thriller for fans of Stieg Larsson, Harlan Coben, Sara Paretsky, Karin Slaughter and Michael Connelly.
    'How far would you go to uncover the truth?'
    "Dark Waters was a gripping read . . . an edge-of-your-seat thriller and...

  • A devastating race-against-time conspiracy thriller for fans of John Grisham, Sara Paretsky, James Patterson, and Karin Slaughter. She wanted the truth. They wanted her dead.Since her first day on the Miami Herald, rookie reporter Deborah Jones ha...

  • A fast and furious action-packed thriller for fans of Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Lee Child, and Andrew Petersen.When a former military operative Charles Burns dies in a car wreck in Miami, police and the FBI believe it is just a tragic accident. But whe...

  • When a top militia leader escapes from a top security American jail, the FBI calls in ex-Delta operator Jon Reznick to help track him down. The escapee is none other than a psychopathic ex-Delta colleague of Reznick, Hunter Cain, who is now a feared ...

  • Jon Reznick has never played by the rules, a trait that has brought him into conflict with FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein in the past. But now Meyerstein has been taken by a shadowy gang, and the renegade black-ops specialist may be her onl...

  • A friend in danger. A shadowy psych ward. A conspiracy beyond Reznick’s worst nightmares. When an old Delta Force buddy comes to Jon Reznick for help, paranoid and fearing for his life, Reznick feels duty-bound to protect him. As a black-ops spe...

  • A deep-state US organization has a top-secret kill list -- and a popular senator is on it. Nathan Stone was killed in action while serving as a covert CIA operative. Or so everyone thought. In reality he’s become a ghost, a black-ops asset with ...

  • A sister kidnapped. A journalist in danger. A killer out for revenge. After taking out a covert facility run by the Commission, a deep-state syndicate, Nathan Stone has made powerful enemies. He’s a black-ops asset -- and he’s gone rogue. B...

  • Nothing and no one can stop assassin Nathan Stone. When black-ops asset Nathan Stone took out the heads of the Commission, a secret deep-state organization, he thought he’d destroyed them for good. Now he’s gone off the grid, trying to get as ...

  • He’s fighting for justice while she fights for her life.

    With his daughter lying in the hospital, struck down in a reckless hit-and-run, the only thing Jon Reznick can do is wait -- and plot his revenge. Not satisfied with the slow-moving ...

  • Jon Reznick will protect New York City or die trying. When a group of homegrown attackers takes aim at cops outside a Fourth of July baseball game, black-ops specialist Jon Reznick and his daughter, Lauren, are caught in the cross fire. Jon hunts ...

  • A threat inside the government. A whistleblower’s life on the line. It’s up to Jon Reznick to bring justice. When hacker Trevelle Williams discovers documents that threaten national security and put his life in jeopardy, there’s only one per...

  • When the people he loves most are in danger, Jon Reznick will get revenge…or die trying.When black-ops specialist Jon Reznick receives a voice mail from FBI assistant director Martha Meyerstein, hoping to explore their relationship outside of t...

  • From the author of the bestselling Jon Reznick Thriller series comes an exhilarating new adventure. When the people he loves most are in danger, Jack McNeal will get revenge...or die trying. NYPD detective Jack McNeal is used to asking the tough q...

  • From bestselling author J. B. Turner comes the next chapter in Jon Reznick’s story—revenge for a murdered friend.Jon Reznick is not a man to cross. A brutally effective black-ops veteran, Reznick has a history of taking the law into his o...

  • Long Way Home is an action-packed new thriller from bestselling author J. B. Turner and the follow-up to the electric No Way Back.When Jack McNeal threw Henry Graff’s body in the reservoir, he thought he had closed the book on Graff and his nef...

  • From bestseller J. B. Turner comes a pulse-pounding thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.When a Swiss intelligence agent goes missing—taking with him thousands of classified documents that have the potential to expose covert agent...

  • Hard Power—the follow-up to the electric Hard Exit—is a riveting new thriller from bestselling author J. B. Turner.When Amy Chang, partner of NSA hacker Trevelle Williams—a friend of Jon Reznick—is found dead on a Manhattan su...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

J.B. Turner has published 20 books.

The next book by J.B. Turner, Hard Power, will be published in March 2024.

The first book by J.B. Turner, Hard Road, was published in August 2013.

Yes. J.B. Turner has 4 series.