Janet Dailey

Janet Dailey is the American author of over 100 books. She began her career as a category romance writer with Harlequin in 1974. She transitioned to single-title romance novels in 1979. Her first mass market romance novel, Touch the Wind, reached the New York Times Best Seller List. Her subsequent books have also been New York Times Bestsellers. Her novel Foxfire Light was made into a movie.

Dailey was born and raised in Iowa. She met her husband, Bill, when she worked at the secretarial firm he owned. In 1980, Dailey and her husband moved to Branson, Missouri, where Bill promoted and produced shows at the American Theater. He died on August 5, 2005.

Book List in Order: 144 titles

Complete Series List in Order

American Dreams

1) The Proud and the Free / American Dreams (Sep-1994)
2) Legacies / American Destiny (Sep-1995)
4) Santa's Sweetheart (Oct-2021)


1) Aspen Gold (May-1991)
2) Illusions (Apr-1997)

Bannon Brothers

1) Trust (Aug-2011)
2) Honor (Jun-2012)
3) Triumph (Jun-2013)

The Bennetts

1) Merry Christmas, Cowboy (Sep-2013)
2) Christmas in Cowboy Country (Oct-2014)

The Calder Brand

1) Calder Brand (Feb-2021)
2) Calder Grit (Feb-2022)
3) A Calder at Heart (Feb-2023)

The Calder Saga

1) This Calder Range (Oct-1982)
2) Stands a Calder Man (Aug-1983)
3) This Calder Sky (Feb-1981)
4) Calder Born, Calder Bred (Apr-1984)
5) Calder Pride (Jul-1999)
6) Green Calder Grass (Jun-2002)
7) Shifting Calder Wind (Jul-2003)
8) Calder Promise (Jul-2004)
9) Lone Calder Star (Jun-2005)
10) Calder Storm (Jul-2006)
11) Santa in Montana (Oct-2006)

The Champions

1) Whirlwind (Aug-2020)
2) Whiplash (Sep-2021)
3) Quicksand (Sep-2022)

Christmas Tree Ranch

1) My Kind of Christmas (Jun-2018)
2) It's a Christmas Thing (Sep-2019)
3) Holding Out for Christmas (Oct-2020)
4) Santa's Sweetheart (Oct-2021)
5) Somebody like Santa (Oct-2022)

Cord And Stacy

1) No Quarter Asked (Jan-1976)
2) Fiesta San Antonio (Jun-1977)
3) For Bitter or Worse (Jan-1979)
4) A Land Called Deseret (Dec-1979)

A Cowboy Christmas

1) A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree (Jul-2012)
2) Christmas on My Mind (Oct-2016)
3) Just a Little Christmas (Jun-2017)
4) My Kind of Christmas (Jun-2018)
5) It's a Christmas Thing (Sep-2019)
6) Holding Out for Christmas (Oct-2020)

New Americana

1) Sunrise Canyon (Oct-2016)
2) Refuge Cove (Dec-2017)
3) Letters from Peaceful Lane (Mar-2019)
4) Hart's Hollow Farm (Feb-2020)
5) Paradise Peak (Feb-2021)
6) Hope Creek (Dec-2022)
7) Blue Moon Haven (Apr-2023)

North Carolina Duet

1) The Matchmakers (Dec-1978)
2) That Carolina Summer (Mar-1982)


1) Dangerous Masquerade (Jan-1977)
2) Six White Horses (Mar-1979)
2) A Land Called Deseret (Dec-1979)
4) Land of Enchantment / Santa In a Stetson (Aug-1976)

The Tylers of Texas

1) Texas True (Aug-2014)
2) Texas Tough / Long, Tall Christmas (Jun-2015)
3) Texas Tall (Sep-2016)
4) Texas Fierce (Sep-2017)
5) Texas Free (Sep-2018)
6) Texas Forever (Sep-2019)