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    6 Books
  • First Book:
    May 1984
  • Latest Book:
    January 1987
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  • After her tragic first romance, quiet, elegant Joanna Greer vowed never again to give herself to a man unless he was trustworthy, committed, and interested in marriage. But when rugged, charismatic Cliff Duquesne swept into her life, her good intenti...

  • Years ago Liz Forsyth, pregnant and on the verge of divorce, poured forth a tale of confusion and disillusionment to her boss, Josh Gates. He listened with compassion, restraint ... and an emotion she didn't dare analyze. Now they unexpectedly mee...

  • Kate Stennis, professional anthropologist, can't help falling madly in love with popular talk show host, Eric Daniels. Although initially skeptical -- especially when her mother faints at the man's feet! -- she's quickly captivated by Eric's natural ...

  • Forceful, dynamic Chris Carpenter fascinates Toni Kendall. But she wants more than a fling, and a man wilds named his boat The Siren, his dinghy The Flirt, and his cat Romeo hardly seems ready for commitment! Moreover, Chris is her superior at Lytel ...

  • Nothing in her well-ordered existence prepares sociologist Ingrid Peterson for darkly handsome, vibrantly compelling Liam Clare. Ile waylays her on the road, appearing to be an earthy farmer. He invades her bedroom, promising to warm her toes. He pur...

  • From the moment actress Marla Travis begins reading the lead role in Alexander Stratis's new play, she feels something vibrantly compelling about him--a restrained masculinity that fires her blood, a sensitivity to the deep mysteries of life that sti...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Helen Carter has published 6 books.

Helen Carter does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Change of Heart, was published in January 1987.

The first book by Helen Carter, Touched by Lightning, was published in May 1984.

No. Helen Carter does not write books in series.