Book List in Order: 70 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Interstellar Brides

1) Assigned a Mate (Feb-2016)
2) Mated to the Warriors (Mar-2016)
3) Claimed by Her Mates (Jun-2016)
4) Taken by Her Mates (Jul-2016)
5) Mated to the Beast (Aug-2016)
6) Mastered By Her Mates (Aug-2016)
7) Tamed by the Beast (Nov-2016)
8) Mated To The Vikens (Dec-2016)
9) Her Mate's Secret Baby (Jan-2017)
10) Mating Fever (Jan-2017)
11) Her Viken Mates (Jul-2017)
12) Fighting for Their Mate (Jan-2018)
13) Her Rogue Mates (Oct-2017)
14) Claimed By The Vikens (May-2018)
15) The Commanders' Mate (Mar-2019)
16) Matched and Mated (Jul-2019)
17) Hunted (Sep-2019)
18) Viken Command (Oct-2019)
19) The Rebel and the Rogue (Jan-2020)
20) Rebel Mate (Oct-2020)
21) Surprise Mates (Dec-2020)

Interstellar Brides: The Colony

1) Surrender to the Cyborgs (Jan-2017)
2) Mated to the Cyborgs (Mar-2017)
3) Cyborg Seduction (Jun-2017)
4) Her Cyborg Beast (Nov-2017)
5) Cyborg Fever (Apr-2018)
6) Rogue Cyborg (Aug-2018)
7) Cyborg's Secret Baby (Nov-2019)
8) Her Cyborg Warriors (Mar-2020)

Interstellar Brides: The Virgins

1) His Virgin Mate (Apr-2017)
2) His Virgin Bride (Aug-2017)
3) His Virgin Princess (Feb-2018)
4) Claiming His Virgin (Feb-2019)
The Alien's Mate (Feb-2018)

Interstellar Brides: Ascension Saga

1) Trinity (Feb-2019)
2) Faith (Feb-2019)
3) Destiny (Feb-2019)

Interstellar Brides: The Beasts

1) Bachelor Beast (May-2020)
2) Maid for the Beast (Jan-2021)
3) Beauty and the Beast (Feb-2021)
4) Big Bad Beast (Feb-2022)
5) Beast Charming (May-2022)
6) Bargain with a Beast (Sep-2022)

Starfighter Training Academy

1) The First Starfighter (Apr-2021)
2) Starfighter Command (Jun-2021)
3) Elite Starfighter (Aug-2021)