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    20 Books (5 Series)
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    April 1981
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    September 2021
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Full Series List in Order

The Boreal Moon Tale

1 - Conqueror's Moon (Jan-2004)
2 - Ironcrown Moon (Apr-2005)
3 - Sorcerer's Moon (Aug-2006)

Galactic Milieu Trilogy

1 - Jack the Bodiless (1991)
2 - Diamond Mask (Apr-1994)
3 - Magnificat (Feb-1996)
Intervention (Aug-1987)


2 - Metaconcert (Feb-1989)

Rampart Worlds

1 - Perseus Spur (Jul-1999)
2 - Orion Arm (Apr-2000)
3 - The Sagittarius Whorl (Jan-2001)

Saga of the Pliocene

1 - The Many-Colored Land (Apr-1981)
2 - The Golden Torc (Jan-1982)
3 - The Nonborn King (Mar-1984)
4 - The Adversary (1985)

Multi-Author Series List

World of the Three Moons

2 - Blood Trillium (Aug-1992)
5 - Sky Trillium (Jul-1998)

Book List in Order: 20 titles

  • FLIGHT INTO THE UNKNOWN An orderly and peaceful interstellar society, the twenty-first century's Galactic Milieu had little place for the incurable adventurer, the secret psychotic, or the ruthless con man. So, when a one-way time tunnel to Ea...

  • Second in the series that portrays “one of the best-thought-out futures ever encountered in science fiction” from the author of The Many-Colored Land (Joe Haldeman).Six million years in the past, a proto-Europe is inhabited by two extraterrestria...

  • PLIOCENE EXILE ...TWIXT THE CUP AND THE LIP On Earth, six million B.C., two species of alien ruled, the graceful humanoid Tanu and their twisted brethren, the Firvulag. Then men from twenty-second century Earth arrived through a one-way time tunn...

  • The author of the acclaimed Pliocene Quartet offers an in-depth guide to a saga that “has most closely matched J. R. R Tolkien's achievement” (San Francisco Chronicle). With its richly imagined universe and large cast of finely-drawn characters, ...

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    In the final novel of the award-winning sci-fi saga, both humans and aliens face destruction as a new time-portal opens a path back to the twenty-second century. Human time-travelers from the sophisticated Galactic Milieu of the twenty-second century...

  • An origin story of Julian May’s Galactic Milieu Trilogy and a link to her Saga of Pliocene Exile -- “a superb piece of speculative fiction” (Library Journal).   They have always been among us -- the telepaths, the persons possessing higher...

  • In 1945, the technology of death was mastered, and mankind entered an era that could be its last. But Nature evolves its own defense, and children with amazing mental talents have been born. They are the metapsychic operants--and they have the power ...

  • All over the world, the metapsychics are honing their skills, learning to stretch their incredible minds far beyond the ken of ordinary humans. Most are dedicated to the harmony of the human soul. But some have darker intentions...

    If the meta...

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    In the year 2051, Earth stood on the brink of acceptance as a full member of the Galactic Milieu, a confederation of worlds spread across the galaxy. Leading humanity was the powerful Remillard family, but somebody--or something--known only as "Fury"...

  • Twelve years after the princesses Haramis, Kadiya, and Anigel wielded the three-part Sceptre of Power to vanquish the sorcerer Orogastus, the Archimage Haramis is visited by a fugitive who brings dire news. A sorcerer has escaped from the Kimilon, re...

  • The 21st century was drawing to a close, and metapsychic humankind was poised at last to achieve Unity -- to be admitted into the group mind of the already unified alien races of the Galactic Milieu. But a growing corps of rebels was plotting to keep...

  • “Fascinating . . . May has cemented her position as one of this generation's foremost storytellers. . . .This satisfying end to a remarkable feat of the imagination is a necessary purchase.” -- Library JournalBy the mid-twenty-first century, huma...

  • As a world crumbles, three royal sisters must reclaim a lost magic to rescue their shattered home from a plague of ancient malevolence. The story that began with Black Trillium -- the brainchild of Julian May, Andre Norton, and Marion Zimmer Bradley,...

  • From Julian May, the acclaimed author who created the incredible worlds of The Many-Colored Land and The Golden Torc, comes a bold new science fiction adventure!When rebellious Asahel Frost was expelled from the Interstellar Commerce Secretariat on t...

  • After a brief (but heroic) fling with all that is right and just, Asahel Frost has reverted to his true nature--undisciplined and feckless, according to the girlfriend who just dumped him. Now he is once again the legal nonentity known as Helmut Icic...

  • Two centuries into the future, the Hundred Concerns, a group of powerful corporations that dominate galactic commerce, have pressured the Commonwealth of Humans into signing a pact with the Haluk, a conquering alien race with nefarious designs. Among...

  • From the author of The Many-Colored Land comes the saga of a land beyond the horizon, where the quest for power is eternal, where magic and mystery are feared above all, and one man sought to reign.   On a remote island, far in the Boreal Sea, f...

  • Julian May continues her "rollicking sword-and-sorcery saga" (VOYA) with the tale of a king under siege, a knight caught between light and darkness, and a land poised on the edge of ruin... Through strength and treachery, King Conrig has united th...

  • King Conrig Ironcrown's plan-to preserve his ruthless reign over High Blenholme Island by marrying his heir, Orion, to a barbarian princess-lie in ruins. The Salka are launching an audacious attack to seize the heart of High Blenholme, and King Conri...

Award-Winning Books by Julian May

The Many-Colored Land
1982 Locus Award -- Science Fiction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Julian May has published 20 books.

Julian May does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, There's Adventure in Rockets, was published in September 2021.

The first book by Julian May, The Many-Colored Land, was published in April 1981.

Yes. Julian May has 5 series.